The WindelManufaktur "all-in-3" cloth diaper system

Easy diaper change, easy wash and quick dry – that’s how we want modern reusable nappies.

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With their extraordinary design and perfect fit ManufakturWindeln are top-class cloth diapers. Thanks to their sophisticated design you can change your baby as easily as with disposable diapers – but you can simply and sustainably wash them in the washing machine. A perfect diaper that is also suitable for babysitters or daycare!



Construction: The ManufakturWindel is made of three parts


The outer diaper


ManufakturWindeln are available in different designs and three different sizes:
  • Newborn Size - for Babys from 2 to 5 kg / 4 to 11 lbs
  • Size 1 - for Babys from 4 to 11 kg / 8 to 24 lbs
  • Size 2 - for Babys from 9 to 19 kg / 19 to 42 lbs
The outer diaper is made of air-permeable fabrics such as cotton, microfleece or flannel. This makes the ManufakturWindel breathable and allows your child full freedom of movement.

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The inner diaper


Inner diapers are available in two different sizes and materials:
  • Inner diaper for the newborn size
  • Inner diaper for size 1 and 2. If you change from diaper size 1 to 2, you only have to buy a new outer diaper.
  • The inner diaper is made of two different materials: PUL (polyurethane laminate) or Merino wool.
The inner diaper is the most important technical part of the ManufakturWindel, the waterproof layer. With its elastic side parts, the inner diaper will adapt to your baby’s shape and become leak proof. It is simply buttoned into the outer diaper and can easily be changed.

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The inserts


Absorbent pads are available in different materials for different liquid quantities and functions.
  • organic cotton terry - robust and durable, soacks quickly and stores moisture, top layer
  • hemp fleece - insensitive & easy to clean, extremely absorbent as a combination padding under organic cotton terry
  • bamboo Booster (ZorbTM) - very absorbent, soacks quickly, as a combination padding under organic cotton terry inlay
  • hemp prefold - very absorbent as a combination insert under organic cotton terry inlay, good for the night
  • bambus prefold - very absorbent and cuddly, also suitable as a top layer for newborns
The cloth diaper inserts can be combined for different needs. Especially at night, when the baby pees more frequently and the diaper change interval increases, a terrycloth insert is recommended in combination with 1-2 hemp fleece and / or booster inlays or a prefold. In addition, a single use nappy liner or a microfleece "stay dry" liner can be placed on top. 

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Three-in-one and yet separate – What makes the ManufakturWindel so special?

ManufakturWindeln are designed with the insert separate from the waterproof layer. It may sound simple, but it's brilliant!

Some cloth diapers have a waterproof outer layer connected to the insert that soaks up baby’s excretions. Many of these diapers already leak before the insert had a chance to absorb the moisture. The reason: Due to compression the moisture from the middle of the diaper leaks to the outside before the insert is completely wet. With the ManufakturWindel, the insert lies loosely in the inner diaper and is enclosed by its folded sides. This way, the diaper won’t leak prematurely and the absorbance of the insert is used optimally.

You can change every part of the diaper separately due to the ManufakturWindel’s three-part design. Every time! No need to carry around a huge diaper bag with you! Just change the insert and your child will have a new and fresh diaper!


Instruction: It only takes a few simple steps to get your ManufakturWindel ready to use


  • Snap the inner diaper into the outer diaper (1).
  • Place one or more insert(s) into the inner diaper (2).
  • Optionally, if your baby is still very small, adjust the size of the inner diaper by tightening the elastic band - you will find an opening halfway along each side of the inner diaper, where you can pull out the elastic band and make a small knot (3).

That’s it! Put the diaper around your child, and close the snaps (4). Run your fingers along the inside of the diaper, to pull the inner diaper straight and ensure it sits snugly in your baby’s leg crease.

In the following video Stephanie explains her cloth diaper concept with all its components and how to put them together:




All individual parts can be replaced.

That means:

  1. Less laundry, less work, less wear and tear
  2. High flexibility and customization!
  3. An improved life cycle assessment!


1. Less laundry, less work, less wear and tear!

The 3-in-1 system of WindelManufaktur offers a special advantage compared to other modern cloth diaper systems: less laundry!

If the baby only peed, you do not have to change the complete diaper. It's sufficient to remove the soaked insert and replace it with a fresh one. This works even with stool. If the inner diaper is not dirty, you don´t need to change the outer diaper and inner diaper!

Generally, light soiling on the inner diaper is easy to remove under the tap or with a wet wipe or washcloth (flannel). Light urine smell can be removed by thorough airing.

From our own experience with several diapers you can reduce the amount of laundry to half! In case of a sufficient supply of diapers and inserts, the laundry for one child can be done once every four days.

Less laundry means less detergent, water and energy consumption! This means for you: You save on running costs. For the environment, this is less stress than with comparable diapers. And less laundry means more time at the same time. Time for you. Time when you don't need to worry about the diaper laundry!

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2. High flexibility and individualizability for all needs

The construction of the ManufakturWindel is, so to speak, a modular construction system so you can adapt the diaper to your induvidual needs and those of your child.


The outer diapers are available in three different sizes:


Size Newborn

2-5 kg / 4-11 lbs

Size 1

4-11 kg / 8-24 lbs

Size 2

9-19 kg / 18-42 lbs

In addition to the basic designs, there are numerous other designs in natural materials, tradional fabrics and limited fabrics. On the inside, the outer diapers are either lined with quick-drying microfleece, a thin cotton flannel or a cozy soft cotton sherpa.

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The inner diaper is the heart of the ManufakturWindel


It is made of two different materials: PUL (polyurethane laminate) or Merino wool. Both versions are extremely soft, breathable and waterproof. PUL is so thin and soft that you don't have to worry about marks on your child's skin. The inner diapers of wool are not scratchy, but gently nestles up to your baby. Moreover, they are self-cleaning and odor neutralizing. The wool we use is so cuddly that even wool skeptics want to wear it! Of course the wool is produced by the most experienced specialists for wool processing in the Alps and is mulesing-free.




inner diaper made of PULinner diaper made of wool


So you can decide for yourself and your baby if you prefer only natural fibres to the skin of your baby, or not.

Thanks to the two elastic sides, it is possible to adapt it optimally to the shape of your baby.


The diaper routine of young parents is not always the same. Sometimes a diaper simply has to withstand more than usual. At night, for example, when little babies pee often. Or while traveling, when changing nappies isn't possible as often as at home. Not to mention everyday life in a daycare center!

The WindelManufaktur therefore offers a wide range of washable absorbent pads for different amounts of liquid.



The inserts

We have absorbent pads made of organic cotton, hemp fleece or bamboo. In addition, there are hemp prefold or bamboo prefoldwhich have different characteristics in composition and absorbency.

frotteehanfboosterhanfprefoldBambusprefold blau senf

The inserts of the WindelManufaktur fit with every diaper size. So you need to buy the inserts only once and save a lot of money and garbage.

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3. For an improved eco-balance and more sustainability!

All diapers, whether made of fabric or plastic, pollute the environment. However, in the case of cloth diapers, eco-balances can be enormously improved by your choice of diaper system, detergent and washing machine. Disposable diapers do not only consume large amounts of energy during their manufacture and disposal, but also contain a wide variety of chemicals that can reach the skin of your child.

Perspectively, the ManufakturWindel can be used for further children because of their washability or can be easily passed on to other future parents. In combination with our other reusable products, you can make your life and that of your family more sustainable.



Your custom ManufakturWindel


Do you dream of an outer diaper made of a certain material? A fabric that makes you dream of childhood? One that cheers you up just by looking at it? Or have you spontaneously fallen in love with a design? You like it extraordinary? Then transform your favorite fabric into something permanent!

Due to their special construction, the ManufakturWindel can be produced exactly according to your wishes and expectations. Almost every fabric can be used to produce the outer diaper. The WindelManufaktur produces with your fabric idea an extraordinary unique diaper, which doesn't exist a second time! Thus, in every custom-made diaper, there is meticulous craftsmanship - and a great part of you.

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