Very individual - a diaper made of your favourite fabric

Custom designs from WindelManufaktur

There is this pattern that you have always loved? This fabric that reminds you of your childhood? That conjures up your favourite smell, that makes you happy just thinking of it? Or maybe you fell head over heels for a wonderful print?

Transform your discovery into something lasting! WindelManufaktur makes an extraordinary custom design out of your favourite fabric, a diaper that only exists once! Each custom diaper combines elaborate craft with a big piece of yourself. How can diaper changing be more beautiful than this, when you and your baby are connected by something so special?

WindelManufaktur makes your custom diaper.



Which fabrics are suitable?

The outside of the outer diaper can only be made of woven fabrics, that are not stretchy. The better the quality of your fabric, the longer the finished diaper will last.

Best suited are poplin and other high quality woven cotton fabrics. Fine wale corduroy is also possible, but please note that the diaper will be somewhat less pliable due to the fabric being heavier.

The following fabrics are not suitable: polyester, jersey, sweat, interlock and fleece.

Outer Diaper Newborn:

1 piece     width 45cm x hight 45cm (pattern either way up)
1 piecewidth 45cm x hight 54cm (pattern certain way up)
2 pieces, eachwidth 45cm x hight 27cm (two fabrics)

Outer Diaper sizes 1, 1.5 and 2:

1 piece     width 60cm x hight 60cm (pattern either way up)
1 piecewidth 60cm x hight 70cm (pattern certain way up)
2 pieces, eachwidth 60cm x hight 35cm (two fabrics)

Outer Diaper size 3:

1 piecewidth 70cm x hight 70cm (pattern either way up)
1 piecewidth 70cm x hight 80cm (pattern certain way up)
2 pieces eachwidth 70cm x hight 40cm (two fabrics)

ATTENTION: For size 3 there is a suitable inner diaper. This can ONLY be ordered with the custom diaper. Please note in your custom order how many nappies you would like to have made for size 3.

How do I design my custom diaper?

Have a look through this collection of other custom diapers we have made, and be inspired. 

Besides the size and your individual fabric, you can also choose the inner fabric and the color of cuffs and snaps. Light cotton sherpa, light or colored cotton flannel, or polyester fleece in many colors are the available options for the inner fabric when ordering online. Cuffs and snaps come in a rainbow of colors too.

What happens once I place my order?

Once we have received your order through our online shop, your payment, and your fabric(s), we will make your custom diaper according to your selections in the order form. 

Delivery time is 3 - 6 weeks.

Did you know we also make custom panty liners and custom menstruation pads?


WindelManufaktur: Stephanie Oppitz at the sewing machine manufacturing an unique one

WindelManufaktur: Stephanie Oppitz at the sewing machine, manufacturing a Custom Diaper.