Wrapped in cloth from the first day of life

... with our newborn diapers.


A diaper for the "freshly hatched"

For a long time, our ManufakturWindeln were only available in sizes 1 (4-11 kg / 8-24 lbs) and 2 (9-19 kg / 19-42 lbs). Again and again we were asked if it won't be possible to produce even smaller diapers to bridge the time to size 1. Some babies are sooo tender and have a much lighter weight than 4 kg / 8 lbs at birth, so that the parents sometimes had to resort to disposable diapers for the time being or the baby in size 1 has almost disappeared. Soon we took up this new challenge and worked on the construction and design of our newborn diapers.



Essential: A test to the heart and soul

As with every new product, we wanted to have the newborn diapers tested extensively and were looking for families who were expecting a baby very soon. It is always very important to us that we are in close contact with our customers and receive direct feedback. Especially in product development, it is of course essential to test different variants directly in order to be able to offer a round product right from the start. We were thankfully allowed to leave a few prototypes of the Newborn diapers to some families and the newly hatched family members were able to trample around the bottom with cloth diapers, sleep, let themselves be carried, drink and... of course do their bigger and smaller business in them. So our new diapers were put through their paces and we could work on the details again and again.

Detailed feedback from the test families can be found in part 1 and part 2 of the series of articles on our newborn diapers in the blog (just in German).


The newborn nappies made by WindelManufaktur

The extra small diapers with matching inner diapers made of PUL (polyurethane laminat) or wool (merino) fit babies from 2 to 5 kg / 4 to 11 lbs weight.


The outer diaper

As with sizes 1 and 2, the diapers for newborns are available in in many different and constantly changing designs.

NeugeborenenWindel WaldseeleinNeugeborenenWindel WiesenglückchenNeugeborenenWindel Erdbeerchen

The inner life varies: from microfleece in different colours, natural sherpa to plain or colourful flannel, everything is possible and we always combine it anew.

If you don't find anything suitable, you can have a custom diaper made at any time.

The diaper for newborns has a very special highlight to offer: A snap in the middle gives the baby's fresh navel enough freedom to heal. Just close the push-button and the nappy is ready!

NeugeborenenWindel Waldseelein mit geschlossenem NabelsnapNeugeborenenWindel Waldseelein mit geöffnetem Nabelsnap


The inner diaper

Matching diapers made of PUL (polyurethane) or wool in smaller sizes are also available.




The inserts

We recommend a combination of two inserts for the newborn diapers, depending on the diapering routine:

On the skin side, i. e. as the uppermost inlay, our cloth wipe made of organic cotton terry cloth is the product of choice. Due to its high pile, it holds the newborn baby's stool firmly in place and is very absorbent.


cloth wipe made of organic cotton terry clothhemp prefold


Underneath the terry cloth insert, the hemp prefold insert is particularly good - it can be perfectly folded to any size, is very absorbent despite its small volume and dries quickly.

As an alternative to the hemp prefold, a bamboo prefold can also be used. For these flexible insoles there are different folding techniques available, which will be introduced to you in our online shop. This means that the insole can be adapted to the needs of your child. On the right you can see, for example, a way to fold the bamboo prefold for a newborn baby.

Bambusprefold blau senffalttechnik-einfach-neugeborene
A bamboo prefold can also be used on its own because it is thicker and very absorbent. The strong colours do not immediately show stains.


Recommended diapering routine for newborns

Changing the diaper for a newborn baby every two hours is completely normal and important due to the small bladder and frequent drinking - the conventional disposable diaper gives us a completely wrong feeling of dryness! One of our test daddies wrote to us: "But rather wrap more often than a chemical cocktail at the bottom". Especially since it goes without saying that a baby can be wrapped fresh after it has been diapered. The skin of the small citizens of the earth has hardly any protective barrier and requires a hyginic environment and maximum protection when maturing. By wrapping after each wetting, the baby is always kept nice and dry and reduces irritation and redness of the urine.

As with our diapers in Gr. 1 and 2, you place the newborn nappy in an outer diaper for newborns and place one or more of the inserts mentioned above.

 WindelManufaktur 3in1-System NeugeborenenWindel

Noch etwas Gutes haben die kurzen Wickelabstände übrigens: Testkundin Nicole schrieb uns"Gerade im Wochenbett, wenn die Hebamme öfter fragt, ob mit dem Pullern alles klappt, kann man immer eine ordentliche Antwort geben." Das stimmt! Die Ausscheidungsprozesse des Babys geben viel Aufschluss darüber, wie es dem Kleinen geht.

Die empfohlenen Einlagen finden sich auch in unseren Stoffwindelpaketen für Neugeborenen wieder.

Derzeit gibt es zwei Pakete:

→ das Einsteigerpaket für Neugeborene und

→ das Basispaket für Neugeborene.

Our customer Nicole wrote another good thing about the two-hour-rhythm to us: "Especially in the puerperium, when the midwife asks more often if everything works out well with the wee-wees, you can always give a decent answer". That's right! The excretion processes of the baby give a lot of information about how the little one is doing.

The recommended inserts are also found in our cloth diaper packages for newborns.

There are currently two packages:

→ the starter package for newborns and

→ the basic package for newborns.


If you want to put on diapers more relaxed, you can order as many outer diapers, inner diapers and inserts as you like. Our test families required between one and five diapers.

Depending on the baby's starting weight and increase in weight, the time period during which the newborn diapers fit is also very individual. The little Mila of Mama Sherlyn and Papa Ron, also one of our families who tried out the prototypes of the newborn diaper, was able to carry our diaper for 12 weeks until size 1 really fit well. Mila started her life with 2400 g (5 lbs) and had to give up the newborn size with 5600 g (12 lbs).


With the son of our dear friend and photographer Maria Herzog the Newborn fit even at almost 16 (!!!) months, 8. 5kg (19 lbs) and 74cm. "Stuffed with a hemp prefold. Tight, but works! "

Remaining memories...

One of the mums, who tested our newborn diapers with her baby, gave us a particularly nice thought to all parents: "Such beautiful diapers are also wonderful on a birth card - I'm looking forward to it already."

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