The inner diaper

The inner diaper (also called pouch) is the heart of the ManufakturWindel, the waterproof part. It is buttoned to the inside of the outer diaper with four snaps - this can be done quite fast and is self-explanatory.

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The inner diaper has elastic sides which bulge inward. This turns the inner diaper into a pouch, which is stuffed with one or several insert(s). It is very important that the overlapping edges of the inner diaper cover the edges of the insert. If you use reusable or flushable liners liners, you can simply put them on top of the insert and make sure everything is well contained within the inner diaper.


Partially folded outer diaper - you can see very clearly how the parts are intertwined.

BRAND NEW: Inner diapers without visible snaps.

This protects your baby 's skin optimally and causes no marks.



The inner diapers are made of two materials. Both materials are extremely soft, gentle to the skin and waterproof and breathable at the same time.

One material is PUL, the other is merino wool.


PUL inner diaper

PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate, and is a fabric laminated on the inside with polyurethane. We only use CPSIA certified PUL and contains no lead, BPA or phthalates, and is also food-safe. It is made of 75% polyester and 25% polyurethane and is manufactured entirely in the USA.


. The PUL inner diaper is very thin and elastic. It does not rustle and feels very soft and pleasant.


Woolen inner diaper

Our woolen inner diapers are made of the finest, mulesing-free merino wool. There is nothing more natural than a diaper with this inner diaper. Super-cuddly wool, which can compete with every high-tech product after lanolizing. The inner diapers made of wool are not scratchy, but gently adhere to your baby. Moreover, they are self-cleaning and odor neutralizing. The wool we use is so cuddly that even wool skeptics want to wear it! Of course the wool is produced by the most experienced specialists for wool processing in the Alps and is mulesing-free.


The solution for true natural diapers: inner diapers made of merino wool


Without the inner diaper the ManufakturWindel is not waterproof!




The inner diapers are available in two different sizes. The outer diapers for newborns have smaller inner diapers. They have colored snaps. The inner diaper for size 1 and 2 is a standard size. If you change from diaper size 1 to 2, you can reuse the inner diaper and don't need to buy a new one.

innenwindel neugeborene pulinnenwindel neugeborene wolle
Inner diaper size newborn with PULInner diaper size newborn with merino wool

Inner diaper size 1 and 2 with PUL Inner diaper 1 und 2 with merino wool


Designs and colors

Our inner diapers are now available in different designs and colors. You can find the current designs of the inner diapers in our shop.

innenwindel türkisinnenwindel neonraubtier

innenwindel engel


How to adjust the size of the inner diaper?

With a crochet knot in the inner diaper's elasitc band.


If the inner diaper doesn’t fit your baby optimally, maybe because your baby is still very small, you can tighten the inner diaper’s elastic band.

Our dear friend Jessi from Stoffwindelliebe shows in the following video how she shrinks the inner diaper with a crochet knot:

In the middle of the inner diaper, alongside its elastic, you will find a gap in the seam. Pull out the elastic band, tie a crochet knot and let the elastic slip back into the tunnel. You can leave the knot until the baby requires a bigger inner diaper.


This is how the downsized inner diaper looks.


Optimal fit

The most important thing is that the edges of the inner diaper fit well into the leg crease rather than the thigh. Small trick for an optimal fit: With your pointing fingers drive along on the left and right at the inner diaper edges gently from the bottom forward.


The inner diaper shouldn't be visible on the outside but in the crease of the leg.


Wie gehe ich mit der Innenwindel beim Windelwechsel vor?

Open the diaper snaps. If your baby has only peed, take out the wet insert (3) and replace it with a fresh, dry one. If your baby did more than just pee, and the inner diaper (2) is also soiled, unsnap it from the outer diaper (1) and replace it with a new inner diaper, as well as a new insert.



How many inner diapers do I need?

It has proven to be practical to use two sets of outer and inner diaper parallely: This way you can air out one set while the other one is in use. If the inner diaper is just soiled very lightly, it is enough to handwash it with warm water and some detergent. It dries very quickly and is usable again after a short time.

Our basic package includes 3 outer diapers and 6 inner diapers. So you definitely have a relaxed wrapping and washing rhythm.


How do I wash the inner diaper?

  • Most of the time your child will only have peed, and airing the wet inner diaper will be sufficient. It is usable again for the next nappy change. If the inner diaper is soiled lightly, you can wipe it off with a wet cloth or handwash it quickly.
  • If the inner diaper is soiled heavily, you should rinse it well immediately to avoid staining. Fun fact, we have chosen chocolate-brown PUL specifically to avoid staining! You can hardly ever see any stains on our PUL.

  • Store your soiled inner diaper along with your soiled and wet inserts, until you wash the next load of diaper laundry. We recommend wetbags instead of diaper buckets – you can throw the empty wetbag right into the machine with your laundry. They are made of the same material as the inner diaper, and come out of the washing machine clean, unlike a diaper bucket that has to be disinfected and scrubbed. WindelManufaktur has bigger wetbags for storing your laundry at home, or smaller wetbags for out and about, all of them in bright, happy designs.


WindelManufaktur: Wetbag in medium and big 


Wash PUL inner diapers

The PUL inner diapers can be washed at 60°C (occasionally also at 90°C). Drying in the air is preferable to drying in a clothes dryer, because mechanical stress caused by components of the remaining laundry (knobs, zippers) can lead to small holes. If the inside diaper is dried in the dryer, it should be done in a laundry bag or washing net. The PUL can be damaged in the event of strong heat or mechanical impacts of sharp or pointed objects.

PUL inner diapers should be dried in the air or in the dryer at a gentle setting.

Please do not put on a hot heater! Do not iron!



Wash inner diapers made of wool



Die Wollinnenwindeln sollten zu Beginn nach jedem Waschen mit einer Wollkur gefettet werden, um eine ausreichende Dichtigkeit zu erzielen. Wenn man dichte Wollstoffe mit Lanolin fettet werden sie robuster, wasserabweisend, fast wasserdicht und widerstehen auf natürliche Weise der Geruchsbildung. Beim Verwenden von Wollstoffen für Stoffwindeln wird dieses Lanolin ständig verbraucht. Deshalb muss ab und an Lanolin wieder auf die Wollfaser gegeben werden - bei Windeln also nach der Wäsche. Wollstoffe müssen aber selten gewaschen werden, meistens reicht es, sie gründlich über Nacht draußen oder im Badezimmer (am besten in feuchter Luft) auszulüften.

The woolen diapers should be lanolized with a wool lanolin treatment at the beginning after each washing in order to make them waterproof. When lined with dense wool with lanolin, they become rugged, water-repellent, almost waterproof and naturally resist odor. When using wool for fabric diapers, this lanolin is constantly consumed. Therefore, lanolin has to be applied again and again to the wool fiber after each wash. However, it is rarely necessary to wash the wool, but it is usually sufficient to air out it outside overnight or in the bathroom (preferably in humid air).

Wool nappies should only be washed in the wool program or by hand at max. 30°C.

Please do not use bleach or fabric softener!

→ Read more about how to wash cloth diapers in our care and washing instructions



How many inserts are placed in the inner diaper?

Several inserts fit into the inner diaper. It is very spacious. At night, for example, three boosters or hemp-fleece inserts in combination with an organic cotton terry insert are no problem!

You can find out how many and which deposits are best by testing them. The rates and rates of excretion are too different for each child to be given a general recommendation.

neugeborene windel gestopft

Have a look on schickgewickelt's blog. There is a great article with many pictures to this topic.


Can I also put disposable inserts into the inner diaper?

In this case we would like to link to "external" blog contributions, since disposable items are not part of our product range. In an emergency you can also hand wash! But, of course, sometimes it has to be comfortable ;-)

Disposable inserts for cloth nappies are presented, among other things, e.g. on schickgewickelt. Manufacturers of such inserts are, for example, strampeters and kokobaby.


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