The inserts

Cloth nappy inserts are available in different materials for different liquid quantities and functions.

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A note in advance:

All absorbent liners must be washed before use.

Only after several washes they reach their maximum suction power!



Organic cotton terry

WindelManufaktur's organic cotton terry insert is a soft, wonderfully high-pile and suction-strong nappy insert. It is placed into the inner diaper as a top insert, either individually or above additional combination inserts.

BiobaumwollfrotteeeinlageBiobaumwollfrotteeeinlage Detail

Organic cotton terry insert by WindelManufaktur


The organic cotton terry inserts are made of unbleached organic cotton. This terry cloth is of selected quality both from the yarn used and from the weaving technique. The cotton grown in Turkey meets the requirements of controlled organic cultivation and the weaving technique is a special warp weave (Mayer-warp), which creates a highly durable yet lightweight fabric. The fabric is not only enormously hard-wearing but also very absorbent. The surface is very soft and highly pile, which greatly reduces the drainage of liquid exudates and guarantees an optimal suction effect.

The extraordinary construction of these suction pads ensures very short drying times despite the three layers of terry cloth.

The fabric is exclusively manufactured for WindelManufaktur - because such qualities are demanded very rarely in the market. The special feature of the fabric is the small admixture of polyester - so the fabric itself stays soft and cuddly when no dryer is used and even in regions with hard, calcareous water.

Washing and drying

We recommend to wash at a maximum of 60°C and it is possible to dry the insert in a dryer. The insert is open-edged, triple-stitched - so you can simply clip it in the middle of the clothesline for quick drying and it folds itself by itself.


Due to the high-pile construction, this insert keeps the stool and urine optimal and is the perfect all-round insert. In combination with other inserts, we recommend using the organic cotton terry insert on top.

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Cloth wipe

Our washcloths are also made of organic cotton terry and have the same suction characteristics as the terrycloth inserts, but they are smaller and thinner. In addition to the traditional use for cleaning the body, they are ideal for use as an insert in our diapers for newborns.

Biofrotteewaschlappen 5er-SetBiofrotteewaschlappen Detailneugeboren einlage

Organic cotton terry cloth wipe by WindelManufaktur, right: 1x folded in a newborn-diaper


Washing and drying

We recommend to wash at a maximum of 60°C and it is possible to dry the insert in the dryer on a gentle setting.


Due to the high-pile processing, this insert keeps mother's milk stool and urine optimal and is the perfect insert for our newborn diapers. In combination with other inserts, we recommend using the cloth wipes on top.

Our cloth wipes are available individually and as a set of 5 in our online shop.

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The booster insert is a true high-tech product! The suction core of this insert is made of Zorb™, a fiber specifically recommended for use in cloth diapers. Zorb™ is produced in the USA and can absorb liquids in a quantity of ten times its own weight in 0.5 seconds - twenty times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp!

BoosterBooster Detail

Booster insert by WindelManufaktur


The coating of a suction layer made of Zorb is necessary due to its special fiber properties, and at the same time offers the possibility to combine the high-tech material with the skin-friendliness of a textile covering made of bamboo viscose and organic cotton. The fabrics bamboo fleece and bamboo terry used here are produced in the highest quality in Canada under the strict conditions of the CPSIA ("Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act"), lead-free and phtalate-free. They remain soft and pleasant to wear on the skin, in contrast to the Chinese bamboo substances that are otherwise available on the market. Bamboo fabrics are the ideal supplement for the Zorb™, because they also absorb liquid very quickly, they store it very well under compression and are easy to clean and dry quickly.

Washing and drying

The booster insert is washable at a maximum of 60° and is suitable for dryers (gentle setting!). Please spin at low speed.

The booster inserts shrink after washing! This shrinkage is included in the cut-to size of the inserts. Only after washing the inserts fit perfectly.


The booster insert is a super-absorbent combination insert and therefore suitable for use at night. We recommend placing one or up to three boosters under an organic cotton terry insert so that a higher amount of liquid can be absorbed.

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Hemp fleece

The hemp fleece insert is incredibly soft and has a very smooth surface.

HanffleeceeinlageHanffleeceeinlage Detail

Hemp fleece insert by WindelManufaktur


The hemp fleece is sewn two-ply for the WindelManufaktur and consists of 55% of hemp and 45% of organic cotton. The suction power is enormous and surprising for everyone - even if you already know hemp liners.

Washing and drying

The hemp fleece insert is washable at a maximum of 60°C and is suitable for dryers (gentle setting!). Please spin at low speed.

The hemp fleece inserts shrink a little bit after washing - this shrinking is taken into account in the cutting of the inserts. Only after washing the inserts fit perfectly.


Thanks to its low thickness and good absorbency, this insert is particularly suitable as a combination insert, for example for the organic cotton terry insert.

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Hemp Prefold

The hemp prefold is of outstanding quality and will surprise you with its super smooth surface. It can simply be folded according to your own needs.

HanfprefoldHanfprefold Detail

Hemp Prefold by WindelManufaktur


The hemp prefold is sewn in two layers and made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

The absorbency is incredible and surprises everyone – even if you are already familiar with hemp inserts.

Washing and drying

The hemp fleece liner is washable at a maximum of 60°C and is suitable for dryers (gentle setting!). Please spin at low speed.

Thanks to the folding technique, the insert always returns to its original size due to the washing process. Due to the folding technique, it can be mechanically kneaded and crimped mechanically in the drum, and the mechanical cleaning is very effective - in addition, the drying on the line accelerates considerably.


This insert is ideal as a supplementary absorbent insert under an organic cotton terry insert or under a cloth wipe in the newborn diaper.


Excursion: Hemp as a suction material

Hemp is eco-friendly!

The hemp plant doesn't exhaust soil, due to its self-sufficiency, and loosens up compressed soil with its deep roots. Compared to cotton it needs less water, which makes it very environmentally friendly. It has a unique resistance to vermin: a variety of substances called cannabinoids make the plant unattractive to bugs and other vermin.

The hemp we use is produced without any pesticides and is phenomenally eco-friendly. Its characteristics are unique: It is climate compensating, moisture regulating and, even when really wet, it feels less squishy than other comparable natural fibres.

Hemp fibres are extremely stable natural fibres, therefore the inserts are very durable and hard-wearing.

The hemp we use comes exclusively from small farms and is strictly controlled. The cotton used in these inserts is 100% organic.


Bamboo Prefold

The bamboo prefold is a very absorbent and soft insert, which can be used individually or in combination with other inlays of the WindelManufaktur. Like the hemp prefold, it can be simply folded according to your own needs.

Bambusprefold blau senfgelbBambusprefold senfgelb Detail

Bamboo Prefold by WindelManufaktur


Unsere Bambus Prefolds gibt es in verschiedenen Farben und Designs. Durch die kräftige Farbe sind Flecken nicht gleich sichtbar. Sie sind aus 56% Bambus, 20% Baumwolle und 24% Polyester gefertigt. An den Seiten sind sie zweifach und in der Mitte vierfach genäht, sodass bei entsprechender Faltung unterschiedliche Mehrfachlagen an verschiedenen Stellen entstehen. Für Mädchen ist z.B. eine "dickere Mitte" sinnvoll, für Jungs empfehlen wir den sogenannten "Pullerdamm".

Our bamboo prefolds are available in different colors and designs. Due to the strong color stains are not immediately visible. They are made of 56% bamboo, 20% cotton and 24% polyester. They are doubled at the sides and quadruple in the center, so that different folds are produced at different points if the folding is appropriate. For girls, e.g. A "thicker middle" is useful, for boys we recommend the so-called "weeniewall". ;-)

→ folding techniques

Washing and drying

The Bamboo Prefold is washable at 60°C and suitable for dryer (gentle setting!). It's important that you use little gall soap and no chlorine-containing detergent.


Due to its shape, the Bamboo Prefold is very flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your child. Various folding techniques are possible, four of which we would like to recommend and explain at this point:



Falttechniken für die Bambus Prefolds:

  • Simple folding technique - as well as our terrycloth inserts, booster or hempfleece inserts
  • Folding technique for newborns - extra small fold for our very small diapers
  • Folding technique for small boys - with integrated "weeniewall" (small bag) at the front
  • Folding technique for small girls - especially absorbing in the middle of the insert


falttechnik einfach neugeborene


 dicke mitte



Our bamboo prefolds were tested by cloth diaper parents:

  • Our test families were especially pleased with the absolute softness of the insert when they first held it in their hands.
  • The colors shine beautifully and the whole Prefold made the impression on the cloth nappy user that it would be very absorbent as announced.
  • During the test phase it turned out that the Bamboo Prefold can actually be used without further combination insert, especially over the day.
  • But also at night the diaper didn't leak, reported the majority of testing parents and we got the feedback that the "nappy package" on baby's bottom was even more decent.
  • The insertion into the inner diaper was similarly uncomplicated as with the other absortion insert of the WindelManufaktur.
  • Washing was easy, only a slight pilling was observed.

Our test families will reuse the inserts and recommend them to all other cloth diaper parents. Test for yourself and find the best absorbent combination for your baby.



Diaper Liners

Diaper liners can be used when solid food comes into action and the stool become tighter. If the stool is still very liquid due to mother's milk, we advise not to use flushable diaper liners, because the smooth surface can not hold the liquid stool as optimally as high pile terry cloth!



Diaper fleece is a kind of solid absorbent paper made of cellulose, which is placed on top of the diaper.


It serves to catch most of the stool in order to be able to remove and dispose it easily. This saves lots of work and laundry, especially during frequent bowel movements. The use of diaper liners has proven itself particularly well on the road, in child care centers and in other care situations.


Our nappy liners come from Disana. Due to the unique quality, the liners are often even washed once again in the washing machine and can be cleaned a second time. With appropriate sewerage it could theoretically even be disposed of via the toilet - but we recommend the disposal over the residual waste can! Why? Have a look at the video from Amercian TV channel msnbc about what happens when you flush wipes down the toilet. Attention! It's a little bit disgusting. ;-p

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Fleece Liner and Stay Dry Liner

Our reusable cloth diaper liners can be laid on the top absorbent insert like the one-way diaper liners (see above) and feel dry even when wet.

The cuddly fleece liners are already suitable from birth, as they also absorb breast milk stool well.

The fabric diapers are made of 100% polyester, very thin, soft and light. The liners absorb very quickly and in contrast to the other absorbent inserts, no moisture is stored, but passed on to the lower inserts. This way, reusable cloth diaper liner keep the baby's skin dry for longer.

Fleece Liner SterneStay Dry Liner weißKuschelfleece Liner blau

All our reusable cloth nappy liners are washable at 40°C. You can wash them together with the inner diapers and inserts. The liners are suitable for dryers (gentle setting!). They also dry in the air very very quickly!

Reusable cloth nappy liners are particularly suitable when ...

  • ... your baby has sensitive skin and reacts to moisture.
  • ... your baby has a sore butt from teething or acidic food.
  • ... the baby's nappy area needs to be applied and you want to protect the inserts from creams.

Reusable cloth nappy liners can be used as an alternative to disposable or flushable diapers. This makes them a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

Material: 100 % polyester

Length: approx. 34,0 cm

Width: approx. 12,5 cm

In unserem Shop findest du sowohl sortenreine 5er-Sets als auch ein Mischset bestehend aus jeweils einem Liner jeder Sorte.

You can find both sets of 5 plain liners as well as a mixing set consisting of a liner of each kind.

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Storing wet inserts

Die nassen Windeleinlagen können nach der Benutzung bis zur nächsten Wäsche in einem unserer Wetbags gelagert werden.

After use, the wet inserts can be stored in one of our wetbags until the next wash.



From the same material as our PUL inner diapers, we have made wetbags, which are mainly odour-tight, waterproof and breathable at the same time by the lamination of the polyester with polyurethane.

This is also important! We advice against the airtight storage of used inserts. When the moist materials are stored in an airtight manner, optimal living conditions for anaerobic bacteria and other germs are obtained. These are not only responsible for odors and permanent stains, but can also shorten the life of the products through the use of cellulose. In the same way, the deposits should not be soaked in water or other liquids!

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