The outer diaper

The outer diaper of WindelManufaktur is a design object per se. Thanks to the ingenious design, the most beautiful and high-quality fabrics can be used.

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The outer side is made of high quality cotton. The qualitative properties result from the weaving technique as well as from the cotton raw material and the color brilliance. The inside of the outer diaper is made of cuddly cotton sherpa, thin flannel or fast-drying microfleece.



  • 100% cotton
  • extremely fluffy
  • durable
  • minimum shrinking


  • 100% cotton
  • thin and soft
  • resistant
  • easy care


  • 100% polyester
  • cuddly soft
  • robust and durable
  • fast drying




The outer diaper is available in four different types:


Because only the inner diaper is made of waterproof material, we can offer different shades and patterns. There are regularly new designs for the outer diaper and on customer request we also produce custom nappies from your favorite fabrics.

Find all available outer diaper designs in our shop.



The outer diaper comes in three sizes:


Size Newborn

  • fits from 2 - 5 kg / 4 - 11 lbs
  • with integrated belly button snap

Size 1

  • fits from 4 - 11 kg / 8 - 24 lbs
  • may fit longer if your child is narrow

Size 2

  • fits from 9 - 19 kg,
  • can be shortened in body height

The size can be found under the diaper's wash label, too:


When ordering a unique one you can also select size 1.5. Diapers in size 1.5 correspond to the width rather a size 1, in the length rather a size 2. We offer this intermediate size because of the high demand and make it exclusively as custom diaper.

Since the weight and the figure of babies are individually different, the fit can vary. The pure weight indication is therefore only an approximate recommendation.

Größe 2 kann mithilfe der Doppelreihe mit Verkleinerungssnaps noch einmal in der Leibhöhe verkürzt werden, wenn dein Kind aus Größe 1 gerade heraus-, aber in Größe 2 noch nicht ganz hineingewachsen ist. Size 2 can be shortened once again with the help of the double row with reduction snaps if your child is not yet fully grown out of size 1, but still too small for size 2.

The inner diapers for the newborn size as well as size 1 and 2 are adjustable in size. The washable inserts are suitable for all sizes.




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