Wetbags - breathable, moisture-tight and environmentally friendly

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For the hygienic storage of cloth diapers.

Anyone who deals with cloth diapers asks himself or herself when standing there with the dirty diaper or pad in the hand: "Where to put it? A normal diaper pail? Airtight? Open? Wash and hang the individual parts directly?"

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Dirty washcloths, flannel wipes, panty liners and cloth pads must also be stored before and after use - preferably discreetly and hygienically, of course.

The solution is actually quite simple: we have manufactured wet bags (also known as diaper bags) from the same material as our inner diapers made of PUL, which by laminating the polyester with polyurethane are predominantly odour-proof as well as moisture-repellent and breathable at the same time. Outside in beautiful colours and patterns, inside laminated and leak-proof. The bags can be opened and closed with a zipper and the practical loop is ideal for hanging up the bag.

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Our wetbags are 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane. As with the PUL inner diapers, the actual product is made of polyester and coated with polyurethane on the inside. Polyurethane is a plastic that is also used in other products of everyday life (e. g. refrigerators, cars and shoes) and makes life easier for us in one place or another without us noticing it. The polyurethane makes our diapers and wetbags moisture-repellent - but still breathable. This is also important! We advise against the airtight storage of used inserts, outer and inner diapers. When the humid substances are stored airtight, optimal living conditions for anaerobic bacteria and other germs are created. These are not only responsible for odour nuisance and permanent stains, but can also shorten the life of the products by using cellulose.

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The colourful wet bags are currently available in two sizes.

The medium sized wetbag measuring 25x38 cm is particularly suitable for the storage of our cloth diapers on the go and for care situations (kita, daycare, babysitter etc.). There is plenty of room for some inserts and inner diapers.

In the large wetbag with the dimensions 44x65 cm the inserts and inner diapers of several days fit. The large bag is therefore practical for collecting laundry at home.

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Whether large or small bags: To ensure that the wetbag is always easy to handle, it has a large loop that can be attached to the door handle in the bathroom or to the coat hook in the nursery. Since the loop can be conveniently opened and closed, the wetbag can also be easily attached to the baby buggy.

Wetbag mini

The Wetbag mini with the dimensions 12x24 cm is perfectly dimensioned for the storage of our flannel wipes (wet wipes). Nowadays disposable wet wipes are used by many families - and although they are very practical, their disadvantages clearly outweigh their disadvantages. If you want to save yourself and your children the garbage and chemicals of disposable wet wipes, then washable wet wipes and a mini wet bag are just the right choice for you.

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Pail Liner

Pail Liner are laundry bags made of PUL - they have an elastic edge and are placed in the nappy bucket to store used cloth nappies until the washing day. This keeps even large nappy pails clean and does not require additional disinfection. Pail Liners are therefore perfect for storage in the bathroom or children's room. On the washing day, the Pail Liner is emptied directly into the washing machine and washed at the same time.

Our Pail Liners are 52 cm wide at the bottom, 27 cm wide and 42 cm high at the top. They fit perfectly e.g. into the metal bucket of Ikea.

Pail Liner Blumenkitz einzelnPail Liner Blumenkitz in TonnePail Liner Blumenkitz in Tonne

Areas of application

Basically, our wetbags can be used in many areas. Starting from our assortment, the inserts and inner diapers can of course be stored in it, as mentioned above, after use until the next wash. Due to the breathability of the fabric, this is no problem for a short period of time. However, we advise against storing the used outer diapers in the wetbag, especially together with the inserts and inner diapers. The beautiful, colourful fabrics of the outer diapers could suffer from intensive contact with urine and faeces and the permanently moist environment.

Of course, you can also throw our sanitary hygiene articles for women as well as the washcloths, flannel wipes, make-up remover pads and our handkerchiefs into the wetbags after use.

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In addition, the wetbags are versatile and a stylish companion for everyday use. Next to diaper laundry, wet and dirty items from the daycare centre, swimwear and sports equipment, bath slippers and wet washcloths can also be transported safely.

These are the areas of application for the WindelManufaktur Wetbags:

STORAGE of used or dirty items...   

  • inserts and inner diapers
  • Panty liners and sanitary cloth pads
  • handkerchiefs
  • Washcloth and make-up remover pads
  • bibs
  • soothers
  • spoons and cups
  • wet wipes


  • wet and dirty clothes
  • Panty liners and sanitary cloth pads
  • Bread box and bottles in the bag (outlet protection!)
  • Swimming and sports equipment
  • Sports shoes and slippers
  • inserts and inner diapers
  • Milk bottles and pumps
  • Cosmetics, shower bath, shampoo and sun lotion

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Store and wash wetbags

The full wetbag is best stored outdoors or on the balcony to avoid an unpleasant smell in the apartment. With a tight washing rhythm, storing the wet bag inside the apartment is no problem. A small insider's tip is also to put a cloth, drizzled with an essential oil, into the wetbag.

To store the laundry out of reach of the children, the bath tub or shower can be used as a storage space, depending on the situation. It is not advisable to store the full bag in a warm room or on the underfloor heating.

Due to their easy washability at 60°C, our wetbags are much more practical and hygienic than washbags, plastic bags and diaper pails. Conventional containers for diaper waste in particular have to be disinfected and washed out very regularly, which is a great effort. Plastic bags also produce garbage again, and wash bags often cannot even be washed in the washing machine. The wetbag is simply put into the washing machine after reversing the laundry. We recommend washing the wetbags in a wash net, so that the lamination is not blocked and damaged by zippers or similar. In addition, air drying is ideal.

With regard to the detergent, there is nothing against a normal colour detergent.

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We recommend that you always have two wetbags so that one is ready to hand when the other is in the laundry or just drying.

One of the advantages of wetbags is that they only take up the space that the dirty nappies actually need inside. A diaper bucket or an oscarton, on the other hand, always takes up the same amount of space regardless of the filling level.