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Organic Lanolin (100g)


  • Lanoline for your own mixed wool conditioner
  • to impregnate wool diapers and other wool products
  • easy to use
  • from organic sheep farming

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To keep your wool diapers moisture repellent, they need to be lanolised. This lanolin (or wool wax) is made from pure, dehydrated lanolin (adeps lanae anhydricus) and comes from organic sheep farming. See below for instructions.

For better animal welfare, supply chain transparency and sustainability

We are pleased to have finally found a supplier for certified organic lanolin. This is unique in the world! The welfare of the sheep is paramount in the sourcing of the lanolin. It comes from free-range sheep from Patagonia that grow up pesticide and mulesing free, far from intensive farming. After shearing, the wool is processed into raw wool grease in a wool laundry on site and then refined into lanolin by a company that is also Argentinean. Laundering and refining therefore take place in the country of origin. The added value remains local, resulting in an ecological and economic gain for all parties involved.

Instructions for greasing wool products

Our lanolin is perfect for greasing your wool inner diapers and outer diapers as well as other wool products. All you have to do is mix it into a wool conditioner and soak your wool products in the solution. This is how you do it:

The wool item you want to lanolise should be washed and still wet to the touch. You can find information about washing wool on our information pages about wool care.

Mixing the lanolin solution:

  • Prepare the lanolin solution in a cup of boiling water.
  • Take about half a teaspoon of lanolin for one outer diaper or two inner diapers and some olive soap solution, baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid.
  • The solution should be milky white and have no grease drops left on top.

Mixing the wool conditioner bath:

  • Fill a large bowl with water from the tap that is as hot as possible (about 50 °C). You should still be able to reach in.
  • Carefully place the diaper in it. It should be just covered with water.
  • Add the lanolin solution and stir gently.
  • Leave the diaper in the solution for at least 30 minutes. After some time, the lanolin may settle and stick to the diaper. This will not affect its function.
  • If you want to lanolise several wool products, you will need to increase the amounts of water and lanolin.


  • Then dry it using the towel method (lightly press it through by rolling it in a towel). Now let the diaper air dry lying flat.

Further application possibilities

Since the wool grease is free of water and pesticides, it is suitable for application on human skin also for skin care and massage.


Lanolin anhydride (adeps lanae anhydricus)

  • without paraffin
  • without water
  • without pesticides
  • without additives


Patagonia (Argentinia)

Certificates/seals of quality

  • The raw material is exclusively derived from livestock certified according EU Organic Farming Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).
  • COSMOS certified by IONIC, 100% organic content
  • It is confirmed that the product is obtained from wool derived from living sheep.
  • Neither BHT (butylhydroxytoluene) nor other antioxidants are used for stabilization.

Light and colored wool products should not be washed and greased together.

Please note that just like washing colored wool, greasing can cause bleeding or discoloration. This is quite normal and not a quality defect. High washing or grease bath temperatures cause the color pigments to dissolve more easily, possibly discoloring other surrounding (wool) fabrics. In order to enjoy your wool product for a long time, we recommend that you wash and grease colored wool only with the same colors.

Shelf life and storage

The batch number together with the best-before date and the weight is labeled on the bottom of the jars.

Store in a cool place.

The lanolin is sold plastic-free in a jar with a lid containing 100g. This corresponds to a price of 129,50 €/kg (incl. VAT).

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