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Patounis Green Olive Soap - grated soap flakes


Grated flakes of Green Olive Soap by Patounis - a purely ecological universal household cleaner, which has been used for generations for laundry and household purposes.

  • made from olive pomace oil
  • without any added colouring, preservatives and fragrances
  • vegan and free from palm oil
  • perfect for gentle washing of our wool products

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

This green olive soap is handmade in the Patounis soap manufactory according to a traditional process. It is made exclusively from the natural product olive pomace oil, sodium hydroxide, water and salt without any added colouring, preservatives or fragrances. The oil is extracted from the pits, peels and pulp of the olives. In addition, the soap is vegan and free from palm oil.

The flakes process well into an emulsion that can be used as a wool wash.

Compared to the Patounis curd soap for cleaning and washing, it has a lower pH value and does not contain free sodium hydroxide. This makes this soap the milder version and well suited for daily washing of wool garments that are not heavily soiled. It is pleasantly mild to the skin and also cares for more sensitive surfaces such as marble floors. Furthermore, Green Olive Soap is also very suitable for felting wool.

You will receive 300 grams of grated soap flakes in a paper bag (33,17€/kg).



Unlike wool laundry soap, this product does not sufficiently re-grease wool diapers. To make woolen outer or inner diapers moisture-proof, we recommend greasing them in a solution with pure lanolin. You can find instructions on how to do this in our Help Centre.

Helpful tip: To make an emulsion from lanolin and water, you can add soap flakes to the solution instead of washing liquid or baby shampoo, so that the grease blends better into the water.


  • raw olive pomace oil, saponified with sodium hydroxide, water and sea salt
  • pH-value: ~7 / no overgreasing / no free sodium hydroxide
  • no additives / colourings / fragrances
  • vegan
  • free from palm oil

The soap is registered as vegan with the VeganSociety. More info at

Made in Greece

Design categories: wool

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