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Booster insert (in set 2 pieces, newborns)


Booster insert (newborns, in set 2 pieces)
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The super booster for your newborn cloth diapers: A set of two inserts for the very youngest.
  • for children in baby carrier or slings and for long sleepers
  • super absorbent
  • absorbs liquids at lightning speed and holds it optimally under compression

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

These special inserts are used when you want to boost the capacity of the ManufakturWindel. They are made of a high-tech material and are a perfect addition to your main insert in the few situations where they are not sufficient enough. For example, you can add up to two boosters to one organic cotton washcloth in the newborn diaper! In contrast to our big boosters this one is sewn in one layer.

Material properties

We use Zorb™ of the third generation for our insert. It can absorb ten times its weight and absorbs liquids twenty times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp! The Zorb™ material remains soft and comfortable to wear on the skin throughout its life. It is super easy-care and quick-drying.

SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions are incorporated into the fabric to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odours and create long-lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. SILVADUR™ is proven to be safe in skin contact. Tests with bamboo, cotton and polyester treated with ten times the recommended amount SILVADUR™ have shown no skin irritation or sensitization after multiple exposure.

Thanks to the special nubbed structure, the insert retains liquids very well even under compression and is therefore the perfect cloth diaper insert for use in a baby sling, for example, when pressure is applied from below.

Possible applications

  • for newborn size
  • as a soaking booster in the main wetting area
  • when carried in a sling
  • at night
  • in child care facilities

You can find an overview of all inserts here:


18 x 10 cm

Care instructions

  • 60 °C with heavy-duty detergent powder in the boil wash and coloureds programme
  • spin at speed below 1,000 rpm
  • use little bile soap
  • wash without fabric softener
  • air-dry or in the dryer at gentle setting
  • not suitable for ironing

Certificates/seals of quality

The material used here is produced in the USA in very highest quality, free of lead and phthalates, under the strict conditions of the CPSIA ("Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act").


All absorbent inserts must be prepped - only after several washes do they reach their maximum absorption power! You can find instructions for this in the help section of our website.

Made in Germany

100% polyester

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September 18, 2021 06:08

Tolle Einlage

Super dünn und super durstig ???? schützt perfekt vor Auslaufen und macht den Windelpopo nicht zusätzlich dicker.

August 8, 2021 16:39

Tolle Kombieinlage

Super gut in Kombination mit Frottee. Verstärkt die Saigkraft nochmal.

February 3, 2021 06:28

Gut aber für uns unpassend

Qualität ist gut, aber bei uns waren sie einfach zu kurz und zu dünn, die Wollinnenwindel ist immer nass geworden wenn wir diese Booster benutzt haben .... haben dann die großen Booster in die Neugeborenen Windeln gepackt. Mit ein bisschen basteln passt das .

March 24, 2021 05:51

Booster Newborn

Insgesamt sind sie mir zu dünn, fürs Tragetuch pack ich dann zwei Booster plus einen Waschlappen rein.