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Suction pads trial set newborn (8 pieces)


Super absorbent and perfect for the very young, our absorbent pads for newborns in a trial set.

  • absorb liquids in a flash
  • in the right format for the newborn size
  • can be used individually or in combination with other pads
  • Washcloth as a little extra

Set of six absorbent pads made of different materials and additional washcloths.

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

By buying this package of pads, you will benefit from more favourable conditions and save around 15%.

This sample set contains the perfect pads for newborns: pads made of different materials that are designed for use in the newborn size. You can use the organic cotton terry washcloth as an absorbent booster on the one hand and for cleaning on the other. Test yourself with it and find your favorite soother.

The set contains:

As a little extra, twoorganic cotton nicki washcloths are included.

Material properties

Organic cotton Hercules Prefold cream (newborn)

The material is a super soft 100% organic cotton terry cloth with loops so fine they feel like a velvety nickel fabric. The fabric is extremely absorbent and retains wetness very well. With the reinforced, 4-layer center divider and two layers on each side, you have the option to vary the nursing thickness using different folding techniques.

→ To the folding techniques

Organic cotton terry interlining (newborn)

The organic cotton terry is unbleached and was made with a special chain weave (Mayer-Warp). This makes it highly durable. With the addition of a small amount of polyester, the material remains soft and supple even when line dried. It soaks up the biggest gush in a flash, and the high-pile surface means that even liquid stool is optimally held in place. With the open folded edge, it dries super fast after washing.

Cottonnicki Prefold "Elephants" ochre (newborn)

Like all Prefolds, the absorbent pad made of cuddly soft cotton nicki is designed for particularly high absorbency. It is sewn in two layers and you can vary the size and absorbency using different folding techniques.

Booster insert (single layer, in set, newborn)
The super absorbent booster for cloth diapers in newborn size absorbs urine at lightning speed. Thanks to the special nap structure, the insert retains fluid very well even under compression and is therefore the perfect insert, for example, in the sling when pressure is applied from below. Boosters are the ideal supplement to the other absorbent pads if they are not sufficient in some situations. For example, you can put up to two boosters under one organic cotton washcloth!

We use third generation Zorb™ for our boosters. It can hold ten times its weight and absorbs twenty times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp! The Zorb™ material stays soft and comfortable against the skin for its entire life. It is super easy to care for and quick drying. SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions are incorporated into the fabric to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long-lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. SILVADUR™ is proven to be safe in contact with skin.

Organic Cotton Terry Washcloths.

Our organic cotton terry washcloths are of select quality, the fabric highly durable yet lightweight. It nestles wonderfully, rinses or washes well and dries quickly. The high pile terry cloth absorbs liquid super fast. As an additional insert for newborn diapers, it also holds liquid stool perfectly. Due to the small admixture of polyester, the fabric remains soft and cuddly for a long time even without a dryer and with very chalky water.

Extra: Organic cotton nicki washcloths

Our washcloths offer you advantages all along the line. With a little water and possibly a few drops of nourishing oil, they are super gentle on the skin. Whether it's your bottom, face or hands, everything gets clean and you know exactly what's getting - or rather NOT getting - on your baby's skin. The top is made of a super soft cotton jersey. The velvety organic cotton jersey hugs beautifully, rinses or washes well, and dries quickly.

Possible applications

  • as absorbent pads for the newborn size
  • can be used individually as well as in combination with other inserts of the DiaperManufacture
  • Can also be used later as an absorbent booster in combination with size 1 and 2 inserts.

→ Further information about our absorbent pads


  • Organic cotton Herkules Prefold: 21 x 27,5 cm
  • Organic cotton terry insert: 28 x 9,5cm
  • Cotton Nicki Prefold: 27 x 27 cm
  • Booster inserts: 18 x 10 cm
  • Organic cotton terry washcloth: approx. 19 x 19 cm
  • Organic cotton nicki washcloth: 19 x 19 cm

The interlinings shrink a little when washed - this shrinkage is calculated into the cut of the interlinings. The interlinings only fit perfectly after washing.

Care instructions

  • 60 °C with full detergent powder in the boil and coloureds programme
  • spin at a speed of less than 1.000 rpm
  • Use little bile soap
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • air dry or tumble dry on gentle setting
  • not suitable for ironing

Please always wash intensively coloured absorbent pads with similar colours.Colour-intensive prefolds can stain when washed.

Certificates/Seals of approval

The fabrics with organic content were manufactured under very strict conditions, with sustainable and social standards.


All absorbent pads must be washed in - they only reach their maximum absorbency after several washes! You can find more information in the help section.

Made in Germany

  • Organic cotton Hercules Prefold: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
  • Organic cotton terry interlining: 91% cotton (organic cotton), 9% polyester
  • Cotton Nicki Prefold: 80% cotton, 20% polyethylene
  • Booster insert: 100% polyester
  • Organic Cotton Terry Washcloth: 91% Cotton (Organic Cotton), 9% Polyester
  • Organic Cotton Nicki Washcloth: Top jersey solid color: 94% cotton (organic cotton), 6% spandex; Top jersey applique: 94% cotton, 6% spandex; Bottom organic cotton nicki: 100% cotton (organic cotton).

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