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avo+cado Disposable Diaper Liners


Disposable diaper liner from avo+cado

  • tear-resistant and absorbent
  • as a diaper liner or a care cloth
  • for convenient disposal of solids
  • free from pollutants

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

avo+cado's diaper liners are tear-resistant and absorbent papersheets made of cellulose, which you put on top of the diaper insert. It is used to catch most of the solids and may be disposed of in single sheets in the toilet if the sewerage system is suitable. However, we recommend that you put the liner in the bin, as it is quite solid and does not dissolve quickly enough. Large quantities of diaper liners and wet wipes can cause severe blockages!

Using diaper liners saves a lot of work and laundry. Due to the unique quality of avo+cado the liners can even be washed in the washing machine and used a second time.

Possible applications

  • as a diaper liner or a care cloth
  • for convenient disposal from solids


Each roll of avo+cado diaper liners contains 100 sheets of liners with a sheet size of 16 x 28 cm.


Due to the smooth surface of the diaper liner, it is only suitable when the solids are a little firmer. This is usually the case when your child is starting to eat. It should not be used if your child is completely breast-fed. Our cuddly fleece liners are suitable as an alternative at this time.

In general, you can use our various washable liners as a replacement for diaper liners.

Made in Germany

100% cellulose, biodegradable

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