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Outside diaper unique


Create an outer diaper in the design of your choice

Below the order form you will find the instructions as well as notes on how to order a unique piece. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Available, delivery time 2-3 Wochen

An outside diaper according to your taste

Have we inspired you with our beautiful diapers? Do you feel that there is still a very special pattern or motif missing that expresses your love for your child? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a unique diaper to remember the first years of your child's life?

We will make an extraordinary unique diaper according to your wishes: a diaper that does not exist a second time! Every custom-made diaper is a joint product between our careful craftsmanship and your personal story about the fabric. What can be more beautiful when changing diapers than that something very special connects you and your baby?

The most important things in a nutshell - this is how you order your unique diaper

  1. Fill out the order form carefully.
  2. Please check your order carefully before you send it and follow our instructions listed here.
  3. Pay for your order.
  4. You will receive an order confirmation including your order number by e-mail.
  5. Cut the fabric to the right size and follow our instructions on this page.
  6. Send us your fabric to the studio or bring it in person. Please include a note with your order number and name.

    Our address is:

    Stephanie Oppitz GmbH
    Großenhainer Str. 21
    01097 Dresden
  1. We assign the fabric to your order in our studio and sew your unique piece after receipt of payment.
  2. After about 2-3 weeks you will hold your very individual ManufakturWindel in your hands.

We've collected the most important questions about custom orders for you here. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Hints and frequently asked questions about your unique order

Which fabric is suitable?

Onlywoven fabrics are suitable for outer diapers, i.e.fabrics that cannot be stretched. The better the quality of the fabric, the more durable your diaper will be.

  • We recommendpoplinand other high qualitycotton woven fabrics.
  • Baby corduroyis also possible - however, the diaper will be a bit firmer overall due to the heavier fabric quality.
  • Withsling fabrics, you should know that the diaper will often look larger, even if the same pattern is used. The cloth fabric does not "fold" in at the cuffs as much as thinner woven fabrics.

Polyester fabrics, sweat, interlock and fleece cannot be used. Muslin can only be used if a fleece has been ironed on.

You are also welcome to choose one of ourUnique fabrics in the storediapers. These are perfect as an outer diaper and will be cut to fit your desired size.

Can I also send in a jersey fabric?

In the Help Center we explain why you can't send in fabric for aunique JerseyDiaper. However, you can have aJerseyDiapermade for you. For this there area separate order processThe selection options are a little different. You can choose one of our great jersey fabrics in theunique fabricssection! Please note that the unique jersey pieces are made inside and outside of the selected fabric. A combination with another fabric is not possible.

How big should the fabric cut be?

For your one-of-a-kind diaper, we need a sufficiently large fabric cut. It would be a pity if we could not sew the outer diaper because the fabric is not big enough.

Fabric size requirements are based on the size you want as well as the pattern.

  • Undirectional: The pattern has no top or bottom and looks the same as a diaper front or back
  • directional: The pattern would be "upside down" in the back, so it needs to be divided at the crotch to make it go around the right way in the front as well as the back.
  • two fabrics: the diaper has a different pattern in the front than in the back. Two pieces of fabric are necessary.

The following graphic shows you clearly what you should pay attention to when ordering or cutting your fabric for a unique outer diaper.


Can the fabric cut be larger?

You are welcome to cut the fabric generously. Excess fabric will be returned to you with your unique piece. That means: What exceeds the dimensions we mentioned above, you get back. (As an example: If you want to make a unique piece in size 1 in undirected fabric, we need a piece of fabric of 60*60 cm (see list above). If you send us a piece of 80*60 cm, we will send you back a strip of 20*60 cm with your unique piece).

Does the fabric have to be pre-washed?

Depending on the type of fabric, the finished diapers may be different even though the pattern is the same. To avoid later shrinking or stretching of the unique fabric, it is advisable to send it to us pre-washed and ironed.

I would like a one-of-a-kind diaper, but I don't have the right fabric. Can I still order one?

Yes, you can. We have in our online store aRange of high quality unique fabricsfrom which you can choose your dream fabric. With the fabrics you can be sure that they are suitable for processing and that the size of the cut is right.

I would like to combine two unique fabrics from the store. Is that possible?

If you want to combine this piece of fabric with another piece of fabric, you are welcome to do so. Please note that we only offer the fabric pieces for one complete diaper. When you buy two pieces of fabric, you also buy two unique diapers. You are welcome to combine both fabrics. Please indicate in your order which fabric you want on the front and which on the back.

How do I design my unique piece?

To make your desired fabric stand out, you can select all other components of the outer diaper individually in the order process.

  • Inner fabric: material(cotton flannel,organic cotton sherpa,wool,microfleece) and color
  • Cuff: Material(cotton,wool) and color
  • Snaps: color

In the picture gallery you can get a first impression of the available color palette of our snaps, inner fabrics and cuffs.

Please note that the technical representation of the colors does not match 100% with the real colors. Deviations are always possible.

If you are not sure, feel free to focus on the material and leave the color selection to us. Often the combination of colors works better when fabric, snap and cuff colors are next to each other.

In the field "Comments/Wishes" you can leave us special notes, for example which colors are excluded for you.

Please note: The offered wool fabrics differ in quality and feel.

Please also note the corresponding surcharges in the order form.

Would you like a dream embroidery to go with your dream fabric?

With our embroidery machine we can embroider e.g. the name of your child on the diaper. By default, you can specify amaximum of 8 characters. We will choose a color for you that provides sufficient contrast to the fabric, is easy to read and matches the color of the fabric. If you have special requests (for example, longer text or multiple lines), please contact us.

Help. I am unsure what my combination will look like in the end and whether I will like it!

We have great understanding for that! We are happy to offer you the option to have us photograph your design and email you a picture so you can see how the colors will match. To do this, you can simply click the "Design Preview" box at the top of the process. Before we sew your unique piece, you will receive the picture by email for "approval".

How can I change my unique order?

Change requests after sending your order can only beaccepted free of charge within a period ofone working day. Once the unique piece has been started in our production process, change requests are only accepted at an additional cost of 5 € and are no longer guaranteed. Please understand that we try very hard to produce the perfect unique piece for you and proceed with the utmost care. Therefore, any change request, no matter how small, means a lot of processing and administrative work for us.

How do I attach the note with my info to the fabric?

Please do not stick any needles on your fabric. This can cause unsightly holes. If you attach a note, please use paper clips for it.

How do I proceed with collective orders?

For group orders, that is, when several people want to order a unique piece of fabric/sling, we ask that the fabric be sent inalready cut and that the individual pieces of fabric be labeled withname and order number.

I have ordered other products from you. Will you send them to me sooner if they are available?

Immediately available items that you order along with your unique piece will not be shippedwith the unique piece untilit is completed. Please order these items separately (with shipping) if you would like to receive them immediately.

I would like to order an outer diaper unique in size 3 (15-25 kg), how do I purchase the inner diapers that go with it?

For size 3 there are matching inner diapers made ofPUL,TENCEL™ fibers or merino wool. You can order these normally through our online store.

What happens after I order my unique here in the store?

After we receive your order, payment and the fabric arrives at our studio, your unique piece will be made. Your outer diaper will be made according to the specifications on the order form.

When will my unique item be ready?

The total delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

What else do I need to know?

Regarding the side information "right" and "left", we always start from the diaper wearer's point of view, i.e. "seen from the diaper wearer's right or left".

If the selected options differ from the information in the "Notes/Wishes" field and it is not clear what has priority, we will follow the selected options in case of doubt.

Possible stumbling blocks and how to avoid them

Stumbling block 1: Your unique piece cannot be realized according to your wishes.

Please select in the drop-down menu what should happen if the unique piece cannot be realizedaccording to your wishes(examples see below):

  • Leave it up to us to decide how to proceed.


  • Choose to be contacted and decide for yourself for a handling fee of 5,00€.

Possible arising questions and problems can be:

  • The motif of your fabric is not aligned correctly. The diaper can be sewn, but the motif is not ideal on the finished diaper.
  • Your fabric has a fabric flaw that would show on the finished diaper.
  • You did not specify which fabric should be sewn in the front and which fabric in the back, in case you ordered a unique piece made of two different fabrics.
  • Your wishes, which you have noted in the field "Notes/Wishes", are not realizable (e.g. your wish for the motif placement or color choice).
  • Your choice in the selection fields differs from your wishes in the "Notes/Wishes" field.

Stumbling block 2: Unfortunately, your unique piece cannot be realized at all.

In case of the following questions and problems, which make therealization of your order impossible, we will contact you without being asked and a handling fee of 5,00€ will be charged. Please prevent this by reading and following our instructions for ordering your unique piece.

  • Your fabric does not correspond to the required size.
  • The materiality of your fabric does not correspond to our specifications (e.g. if your fabric is stretchy).
  • The edges of the fabric would have to be unraveled to fit the fabric size (e.g. for a sling fabric).

This way you avoid stumbling blocks on the way to your dream-unique:

  • Check your order very carefully before you send it. All wishes that are not covered by the selection fields should be clearly formulated in the comment field.
  • Check your fabric carefully for size, texture and pattern distributionbefore sending it to us. Do this after you have pre-washed it, as it may shrink during washing.

Did you know that we also makeunique panty liners as well asunique cloth sanitary napkins?

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May 9, 2016 18:15

Wunscherfüller sind hier am Werk

Wenn hier Wünsche erfüllt werden ist die Freude unbeschreiblich. Unsere Unikate werden geliebt und sind echte Schmuckstücke. Wie sind um jedes dankbar das so liebevoll und voller Geduld für alle Vorfragen gemacht wurde.

September 3, 2019 07:22

Einfach die schönsten Windeln

Mittlerweile habe ich schon 6 Unikate und ich liebe jedes einzelne. Die Unikate werden genauso angefertigt wie man sie sich wünscht. Falls man doch etwas vergessen hat in der Beschreibung mit anzugeben wird auch nochmal nachgefragt. Bilder auf Stoffen werden genau mittig platziert. Es passt einfach alles.

November 23, 2017 06:43


Wir haben schon 6 eigene und 2 gekaufte unikate in unsrem Besitz. Trotz der ganz unterschiedlich Stoffe, sind alle wunderschön und einzigartig. Vor allem die Option mit der Größe 1,5 ist für uns perfekt

November 18, 2014 15:08


Welch wunderbare Möglichkeit neben den wirklich auch immer wunderschönen "Standartdesigns" der Außenwindeln sich sein ganz eigenes, persönliches Exemplar schneidern zu lassen. Schon die Stoffauswahl ist ein erwartungsfroher, besonderer Prozess, für den ich mir viel Zeit gelassen habe, hin und her überlegt, entschieden und verworfen habe. Vor dem inneren Auge begleiteten mich die Bilder möglicher Modelle bis ich mich endlich entscheiden konnte. Dann bleibt noch voll Spannung zu warten, was Stephanie wunderbares aus den Vorgaben zaubert, insbesondere, wenn ihr für die Farben von Bündchen, Innenfutter und Snaps kreativer Spielraum gelassen wurde. In meinem Fall entstanden fünf ganz wunderbar verarbeitete Unikatwindeln, die mir ab sofort das Wickeln verschönern! Einen ganz herzlichen Dank dafür!!

February 10, 2017 18:48

Immer wieder spitze

Das ist das tollste an der WM, die Unikate. Habe mir schon zwei machen lassen, und jetzt ist wieder eins unterwegs zu mir. Die Wünsche werden individuell umgesetzt, die Motive auf den Stoffen perfekt platziert und das Gesamtbild ist einfach super. Die WMW machen jeden Stoffipopo zum absoluten Hingucker und wir freuen uns schon auf heisse Sommertage, an denen die schönen Unikate mal was von der Welt sehen.

June 22, 2019 16:19


Ich habe mir bisher 4 Unikate anfertigen lassen (2x1 und 2x 1,5) und finde sie einfach toll! Gr. 1,5 fiel allerdings größer aus als erwartet. Die nächsten drei Unikate sind schon bestellt...

April 15, 2019 18:56

Unikate 1,5

Habe schon mehrere Unikate in Gr. 1,5 bestellt. Super finde ich, das man nicht nur Farbe der Bündchen und Snaps wählen kann sondern auch aus welchem Innenmaterial die Windel sein soll. Wir lieben besonders das kuschelige Sherpa und feine Flanell. Alle Unikate sind absolute Lieblinge geworden, egal ob ich alles vorgegeben habe, oder die Manufaktur Farben frei auswählen lies. Außerdem passt uns Gr. 1,5 wie angegossen :)

December 29, 2016 20:41


Die Verarbeitung der Windel ist toll und Qualität wie immer sehr hoch. Dank der Unikatmöglichkeit kann sich jeder ganz für sich und individuell seine persönliche Lieblingswindel nähen lassen. Bei uns ist das perfekt gelungen. Die Beratung und Farbvorschläge waren genial und schöner könnte die Windel nicht sein. Das WMW Team weiß genau, was zusammen passt und was nicht. Es berät und hilft, damit am Ende das beste Ergebnis heraus kommt.

December 31, 2018 16:51

Eine tolle Möglichkeit

Wir sind sehr froh die Möglichkeit zu haben Unikate anfertigen zu lassen. Wir lieben Wolle und so kann man sehr schöne Windeln sich anfertigen lassen, da im Shop doch eher weniger Wollwindeln zu finden sind. Wir haben uns jetzt ein Unikat mit Tragetuchstoff, Wolle innen und Wollbündchen machen lassen und sind begeistert über das Ergebnis. Die Farbe von Bündchen und Snaps haben wir aussuchen lassen und sind nicht enttäuscht worden. Total toll wäre es, wenn es noch mehr Farben bei den Wollbündchen geben würde. Das nächste Unikat ist schon bestellt!

September 19, 2019 10:30

Wunderschönes Unikat

Das Unikat ist ein Traum geworden! Ganz tolle Arbeit