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JerseyDiaper Unique


Create a jersey diaper in the design of your choice

Below the order form you will find the instructions as well as information on how to order a unique piece. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Available, delivery time 2-3 Wochen

A JerseyDiaper just the way you like it

We will make an extraordinary unique piece according to your wish: a diaper that does not exist a second time! Every custom-made diaper is a joint product between our careful craftsmanship and your personal story about the fabric. What could be more beautiful when changing nappies than that something very special connects you and your baby?

There are a few things to keep in mind so that you can hold your very own unique JerseyDiaper in your hands. Please read the instructions carefully.

The most important things in a nutshell - this is how you order your unique item

  1. Fill out the order form carefully. Don't forget to note in the field "fabric name/description" which jersey fabric you have chosen from our shop.
  2. Please check your order carefully before you send it and follow our instructions listed here.
  3. Pay for your order.
  4. You will receive an order confirmation including your order number by e-mail.
  5. We will sew your unique piece after receipt of payment .
  6. After about 2-3 weeks you will have your very own individual jersey diaper in your hands.

We have collected the most important questions about ordering a unique piece here below in the text for you. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Tips and frequently asked questions about your unique order

Why can't I send in fabric for a unique JerseyWindel?

Not every jersey has the required properties for a JerseyDiaper. We would first have to test each material to see if it is really suitable for the cut.

If you were to send us a jersey for your one-of-a-kind, there is a very high chance that the fit would not be right. Unfortunately, we have found that only a few jerseys have the optimal elasticity to make the JerseyDiaper an all-around successful and perfectly fitting outer diaper.We will explain the reason in more detail in the Help Center.

You are welcome to choose one of our jersey fabrics in the unique fabrics section! It will be cut to fit your size.

What sizes can I have made?

You can have a jersey diaper made in the sizes newborn; 1; 1.5 and 2. A size 3 is not planned for the time being.

How do the patterns appear on the diaper?

It doesn't matter if the JerseyDiaper has a non-directional or directional pattern: The fabric is always split. So with any pattern, you can be sure that a design will appear the right way around, both front and back.

Why can't I choose an inner fabric?

The Jersey Diaper will be made from the selected fabric on the inside as well as the outside to ensure a high quality finish. So if you choose a piece of fabric from our shop, it will be suitable as an inner and outer fabric.

I would like to combine two unique fabrics from the shop. Is that possible?

It is not possible to combine two fabrics, as this could affect the production quality.

How do I design my unique piece?

To make your fabric of choice stand out, you can select the following JerseyDiaper components in the order process.

  • Cuff: Colour
  • Snaps: color

Here you can get a first impression of the available colour palette of our flannel fabrics and cuffs. In the Help Center you will find a detailed description of the materials and colours for cuffs.

Please note that the technical representation of the colors does not match 100% with the real colors. Deviations are always possible.

Farbpalette Bündchen Baumwolle

  • neutral tones (from left to right): black, brown, grey, light grey mottled, beige, cream, white
  • blue tonesdark blue, dark petrol, smoke blue, petrol, turquoise, light blue, aqua, mint
  • Violet tones: lilac, purple, pink, dark pink, light pink
  • Green tonesolive dark, green, clover green, light green
  • red-yellow tones: bordeaux, red, dark orange, coral, light orange, mango, yellow

Snapfarben Übersicht WindelManufaktur

If you're not sure, you can leave the color selection to us. Often the combination of colours works better when fabric, snap and cuff colours are next to each other.

In the "Comments/Wishes" field, you can leave us special notes, for example, which colours are excluded for you.

Please also note the corresponding surcharges in the order form.

Can I have my Jersey Diaper embroidered?

Unfortunately, the Jersey diaper cannot be embroidered due to the nature of the material.

Help! I'm not sure what my combination will look like in the end and if I'll like it!

We have great understanding for this! We are happy to offer you the option to have us photograph your design and email you a picture so you can see how the colors will match. To do this, simply check the "Design Preview" box at the top of the process. Before we sew your unique piece, you will receive the picture by email for "approval".

How can I change my unique order?

Change requests after sending your order can only be accepted free of charge within a period of one working day. As soon as the unique piece has been started in our production process, change requests will only be accepted against a surcharge of 5,00€ and are no longer guaranteed. Please understand that we try very hard to produce the perfect unique piece for you and proceed with the utmost care. Therefore, every change request, no matter how small, means a great deal of processing and administrative work for us.

I ordered some other products from you guys. Will you send them to me sooner if they are available?

Immediately available items, which you order together with your unique piece, will only be shipped with the unique piece after its completion. Please order these items separately (with shipping) if you would like to receive them immediately.

What happens after I have ordered my unique piece here in the shop?

Upon receipt of your order and payment, your unique item will be made. Your outer diaper will be made according to the specifications on the order form.

When will my unicum be ready?

The total delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

What else do I need to know?

Regarding the side information "right" and "left", we always start from the diaper wearer's point of view, i.e. "seen from the diaper wearer's right or left".

If the selected options differ from the information in the "Notes/Wishes" field and it is not clear what has priority, we will follow the selected options in case of doubt.

Possible stumbling blocks and how to avoid them

Your unique piece cannot be realized according to your wishes.

Please choose in the selection menu, what should happen, when the unicum can be not according to your wishes can be made (see examples below):

  • Leave it up to us to decide what to do next.


  • Choose to be contacted and decide for yourself for a handling fee of 5,00€.

Possible questions and problems can be:

  • Your wishes, which you have noted in the "Notes/Wishes" field, cannot be implemented (e.g. your wish for the motif placement or choice of colour).
  • Your choice in the selection fields differs from your wishes in the "Notes/Wishes" field.

This way you avoid stumbling blocks on the way to your dream-unique:

Check your order very carefully before you send it. All wishes that are not covered by the selection fields should be clearly formulated in the comment field.

Did you know that we also make unique panty liners as well as unique cloth san itary towels?

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December 14, 2021 13:47

die ultimative, individuelle Windel

Ich bin wirklich so happy mit dem Design der flexiblen Außenwindel. Sie sitzt super, lässt sich gut benutzen und passt sich wunderbar an. Ganz nach meinem Geschmack!