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Keep-away diaper "wool crab" (wool)


Stop without stress - you can do that with our special outer diaper.

  • Outer fabric and belly strap adapter: red herringbone pattern of virgin wool blend.
  • Inner fabric: anthracite merino wool
  • cuff: Wool red

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Size of Outer Diaper

It's here at last, our wool diaper. With it you can easily help your baby to eliminate outside the diaper from the first day of life. It's the perfect back-up if you're practicing diaper-free, or elimination communication with your child. And all it takes is a single touch while you hold your loved one safely in your arms. No fumbling, no diaper falling off.

And after you've done your business, you quickly fold the diaper back up. Were you too slow and something got into the nappy? No problem. Thanks to the buttoned waterproof inner diaper, nothing can get lost, and the insert can be easily replaced in the tried-and-tested DiaperManufacturer manner.


Picture credit: Laura Göpfert

The hold-away diaper consists of a special outer diaper and a tummy strap adapter. With this, the diaper stays on the child even when it is open. In addition, you need an inner nappy (preferably made of wool) and absorbent pad (available separately). The inner nappies of the ManufakturWindeln in the corresponding size fit here! With the absorbent material you are extremely flexible. You can adapt it to your child's individual needs.

Looking for the right clothes to make holding it off even easier? Then take a look at our HoldPants our range of products.

Do you want to know more about hold off and diaperfree? On our knowledge pages you will find lots of tips and tricks as well as the technical background.

Please note that this product is only the special outer nappy with belly strap adapter. The matching inner nappy (preferably made of wool) and the absorbent material as well as theholding pants are available separately.

Material properties

  • The outside of the AbhalteDiaper as well as the belly belt adapter with its elegant herringbone pattern in red are made of a fine virgin wool blend.
  • The inside is made of our anthracite-coloured merino wool, which we also use for our inside nappies.

Thanks to the natural properties of wool, theAbhalteWindel with wool lining is breathable, climate-regulating, self-cleaning and odour-neutralising. We use mulesing-free wool.

Possible applications

  • as a back-up diaper for practicing diaper-free diapering
  • without belly belt adapter as normal outer diaper
  • as a back-up diaper for potty training - can be removed more easily by the child than a panty.


  • Size newborn: 2-5 kg
  • Size 1: 4-11 kg
  • Size 2: 9-19 kg

Please make sure that you choose the appropriate inner diaper.

  • The inner nappy 2 to 5 kg fits into the outer nappy in newborn size.
  • The 4 to 19 kg inner nappy fits the size 1 and 2 outer nappies.

Care instructions

  • Hand wash or wool wash in lukewarm water (30°C) only.
  • The first wash should be done in the washing machine. Please open the nappy so that the fabric can be rinsed thoroughly. For all subsequent washes you can close it to protect the cuff.
  • Use a detergent that is suitable for wool, such as wool wash lotion.
  • please do not use gall soap for the wool cuffs
  • please do not use fabric softener
  • not suitable for tumble dryer
  • not suitable for ironing
  • please wash with the same colours

Please follow our sewn-in care instructions in any case.

For a higher tightness you can additionallygrease the diaperwithlanolin (wool grease). You can find all information about the care and greasing of wool in ourcare and washing instructions for wool products.


All products are handmade and unique. They can therefore show small deviations and differences to the picture.

Made in Germany

Design categories: wool
Outer Diaper Inner Fabric: Wool
Outer Diaper Outer Fabric: Wool
Size of Outer Diaper: 9 to 19 kg
  • Outer fabric: 41% virgin wool, 45% cotton, 14% polyamide
  • Inner fabric: 100% virgin wool (merino wool)
  • Cuffs: 100% virgin wool (merino wool)

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August 16, 2021 16:18

Endlich Abhaltewindel aus Wolle

Leider kamen die Abhaltewindeln der WMF als unser Kind tagsüber schon keine Windel mehr brauchte. Als dann jedoch die erste Abhaltewindel aus Wolle online war musste ich sie trotzdem bestellen. Wir haben ab Monat 3 abgehalten und ich bin bald verrückt geworden mit dem Windel an- und ausgeziehe. Wir nutzen sie jetzt für die Nacht und vom ersten Tag an saß sie irgendwie besser, (Bauch, Taille) an unserem sehr schmalen Mäuschen, als die "normalen" Windeln. Das auf und zu klappen funktioniert gut, auch wenn ich ein bisschen Übung brauchte. Die Windel ist gut in Gebrauch und zeigt keinerlei Pilling und ist noch immer schön kuschelig weich. Jetzt warte ich aufs nächste Kind mit vielen Abhaltewindeln.