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Wool diaper "Jan van Wol" (with silk)


A diaper as picturesque as the art of the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer.

  • Outer fabric: light blue-yellow checked outer fabric is made of high quality virgin wool with a portion of silk.
  • Inner fabric: green-yellow wool blend
  • cuffs: Wool yellow

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Size of Outer Diaper
If you follow Stephanie's personal Instagram account, you know that she and her family have a thing for museums. "For us, art and history are just insanely exciting. And honestly, we can be interested in almost anything :-) Every object has a story. And every little story becomes a puzzle piece in our own history, contributing to our understanding of the world and broadening our horizons."( )
Just been on a summer holiday in the Netherlands with her family. Of course, the museums that house the paintings of the Golden Age were on the agenda. There's one painter you can't get past: Jan Vermeer. She was particularly impressed by his art - the light, the pictorial world of life, the intensity of color.... Simply beautiful!
That's why Jan Vermeer serves as the inspiration for the name of this outdoor diaper: "Jan van Wol". Wol is the Dutch word for wool, because the nappy is made of the finest soft virgin wool - outside and inside. A special highlight is the silk content in the outer fabric. This makes this nappy something very special. Even the leg cuffs are made of wool.
The newborn diaper has (different from the picture) a very special highlight to offer: A snap in the middle gives the baby's fresh navel enough freedom to heal. Simply close the snap - done!
Wouldn't it be exciting if we knew how the Dutch diapered their babies in the 17th century?
Thanks to another representative of this era, Jan Miense Molenaer, we at least know how they cleaned their babies ;-)
Jan Miense Molenaer Kunstwerk Kind wird sauber gemacht, Windelmanufaktur
"Smell" by Jan Miense Molenaer (1610 - 1668)
Material properties
  • The light blue and yellow checked outer fabric is made of high quality virgin wool with a portion of silk. The fabric is wonderfully soft to the touch, lint-free and has a noble look.
  • The inner lining is made of a green-yellow wool blend, is super cuddly and does not scratch at all.
Thanks to the natural properties of wool, the outer diaper with wool lining is breathable, climate-regulating, self-cleaning and odor-neutralizing.
Possible applications
  • In combination with a greased wool inner diaper, the outer diaper absorbs additional moisture and thus keeps particularly tight - perfect as a night diaper!
  • Size newborn fits babies from approx. 2-5 kg
  • outer fabric: 72% virgin wool, 28% silk
  • inner fabric: 60% virgin wool, 38% polyester, 2% elastane
Care instructions
  • Please wash the wool-silk outer nappy gently by hand or in the wool wash programme in lukewarm water only (at 30°C).
  • The first wash should be done in the washing machine. Please open the nappy so that the fabric can be rinsed thoroughly. For all subsequent washes you can close the nappy to protect the cuff.
  • Use a detergent that is suitable for wool, such as wool wash lotion.
  • Please do not use bile soap for the wool cuffs.
  • please do not use fabric softener
  • not suitable for tumble dryer
  • not suitable for ironing
Please follow our sewn-in care instructions in any case.
For a higher tightness or when used without an inner diaper, you can additionally grease the outer diaper with lanolin (wool grease). You can find all information about the care and greasing of wool in our care and washing instructions for wool products.
All products are handmade and unique. They can therefore have small deviations and differences from the picture.
Please note that this product is only the outer diaper, the inner diaper is sold separately.
Made in Germany
Design categories: wool
Outer Diaper Inner Fabric: Wool
Outer Diaper Outer Fabric: Wool
Size of Outer Diaper: 2 to 5 kg
  • Outer fabric: 72% virgin wool, 28% silk
  • Inner fabric: 60% virgin wool, 38% polyester, 2% elastane

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August 25, 2020 13:20

Zu teuer

Ungerechtfertigt viel zu teuer! Wegen einem Anteil an Seide kostet diese Windel 5 € mehr wie die anderen Wollwindeln und dann ist diese innen noch zum Teil aus polyester und nichtmal aus 100% Wolle. Diese Windel sollte genauso viel wie die anderen Wollwindeln kosten und keinen Cent mehr.

December 11, 2020 14:12

nicht erwartungsgemäß

Der Aussenstoff mit Seide ist wunderschön und dünn; perfekt für den Sommer. Schön auch die Farbkombinationen mit gelben Snaps und gelben Wollbündchen. Passform: fällt etwas größer aus als die anderen in Gr 1. Aber: der Innenstoff. Er fühlt sich an wie Anzugstoff und ist sehr glatt. Kuschelig oder wollig ist er nicht. Da war ich schon ziemlich enttäuscht, zumal es eine der teuersten Shopwindeln ist. Er hat halt auch Polyester und ist nicht rein Wolle. Da aber die Windel ansonsten hübsch ist , gut sitzt und ihren Zweck erfüllt: 4****