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WoolDiaper "Wollerina green" (with organic cotton)


Clear the furniture out of the apartment, with this outer diaper your child needs space to dance!

  • for little dancers who love wool
  • cuddly, wonderfully soft virgin wool on the inside
  • breathable and temperature regulating - perfect for this season

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This outer diaper is a little out of line. In contrast to our other diaper designs, the fabric here is split differently: The upper half is decorated with ballerinas on green organic cotton. The anthracite-colored combination fabric made of merino wool on the lower half fits perfectly. The diaper is lined with wonderfully soft, grey checked virgin wool. Creamy white wool cuffs and white snaps round off the extraordinary design.

The Newborn Diaper has (different from the picture) a very special highlight to offer: A snap in the middle allows the baby's fresh navel enough space to heal. Simply button down the snap - done!


Material properties

  • The upper outer fabric with the ballerinas on green is made of excellent, easy-care organic cotton.
  • The lower outer fabric is made of our anthracite merino wool, which we also use for our inner diapers.
  • The inner lining of grey checked new wool is super thin, wonderfully soft

Thanks to the natural properties of wool, the outer diaper with wool lining is breathable, climate regulating, self-cleaning and odor neutralizing. We use mulesing-free wool.

Application possibilities

  • perfect diaper for every day
  • In combination with a greased wool diaper you have pure nature on your child. It is then also perfectly suitable as a night diaper.


  • Size Newborn: 2-5 kg
  • Size 1: 4-11 kg
  • Size 2: 9-19 kg

Please bear in mind that you select the corresponding inner diaper.

  • The 2 to 5 kg inner diaper fits the outer diaper in newborn size.
  • The 4 to 19 kg inner diaper fits the outer diapers in size 1 and 2 .


  • Outer fabric top: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
  • Outer fabric bottom: 100% wool (merino wool)
  • Inner fabric: 100% virgin wool
  • Cuffs: 100% wool (merino wool)

Care instructions

  • Wash the outer diaper made of wool by hand or in the wool washing program only in lukewarm water (at 30°C).
  • The first wash should be done in the washing machine. Please open the diaper so that the fabric can be rinsed thoroughly. For all following washes you can close it to protect the cuff.
  • Use a detergent that is suitable for wool, such as the wool washing lotion.
  • Please do not use gall soap for the wool cuffs.
  • Please do not use fabric softener.
  • The outer diaper is not suitable for drying.
  • Please do not iron.

Please follow our sewn-in care instructions in any case.

For a higher tightness or when using without an inner diaper you can additionally grease the outer diaper with lanolin (wool grease). All information about care and greasing of wool can be found in our care and washing instructions for wool products.


All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore show small deviations and differences to the illustration.

Please note that this product is only the outer diaper, the inner diaper is sold separately.

Made in Germany

Design categories: wool
Outer Diaper Inner Fabric: Wool
Outer Diaper Outer Fabric: Organic Cotton, Wool
Size of Outer Diaper: 4 to 11 kg, 9 to 19 kg

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