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Swimming diaper "Blue Wonder" (ECONYL®)


Splash, splash! Baby swimming is now even more sustainable: with our swim diaper made from old fishing nets.

  • for carefree bathing fun with your water-loving treasure
  • with inner lining in case of a mishap
  • soft leg and belly cuffs are soft and securely fastened

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From fishing net to swimming trunks: With this swim diaper you can save the oceans from now on. By buying an ECONYL® swim diaper, you're supporting Healthy Seas and helping to reduce plastic waste in the North Sea, the Adriatic or the Mediterranean! The special cut follows every swimming movement in the water. You can rest assured that the big deal will spill out.

The swim diaper is made of eco-nylon with a lining.

We had the fabric design with the geometric wave pattern produced especially for us on ECONYL fabric. The famous pattern of the wave crest is a traditional Japanese pattern. It is called "Seigaiha" in Japanese and symbolizes the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes in life there are unpleasant surprises that we experience colloquially like a "Blue Wonder". Here in Dresden, however, we associate the "Blue Wonder" with a bridge on the Elbe that connects the districts of Blasewitz and Loschwitz. It got this name because it was supposedly originally painted green around 1893, but then changed its color to blue.

At that time it was also a miracle that the bridge held at all! Many people didn't believe the daring steel construction and there had to be elaborate show tests (with horse-drawn carriages!) so that even the most fearful of Dresdeners dared to walk across the bridge.

We could all use a little miracle right now and we wish we could express that wish with our design.

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Material properties

The fast drying outer fabric is a very special material. It is recycled from old fishing nets from the sea and other nylon waste. Thus, no new resources had to be wasted to produce this high-quality fiber. The quality of the recycled nylon is simply outstanding! It is twice as resistant to chlorine and sunscreens and oils than other yarns. 

Inside, the swim diaper is especially cleverly lined:

  • A sewn-in net reliably catches solid poops in the first moment.
  • In the rear area, a thin microfleece lining offers increased leakage protection in case of liquid milk stool.

Possible applications

  • for baby and toddler swimming - everywhere where swimming nappies are compulsory
  • in the baby pool or paddling pool

For the way home after bathing we recommend to store the well rinsed and wrung out swim diaper in our small wetbag.


In any case, please measure your child's stomach and leg circumferences to determine the right size using our size chart! It is completely normal if your child falls into a size that is unusual for you, as the abdominal and leg circumferences are decisive for the selection of the correct size. Experience has shown that these vary greatly. We recommend that you choose the next size up if your measurements fall in between.

Schwimmwindel Größtentabelle Windelmanufaktur

Care instructions

  • Use a detergent suitable for swimwear (mild detergent).
  • When washing for the first time, please use similar colours in the washing machine. Afterwards you can also wash them by hand.
  • Washing temperature: 30 °C
  • Please spin at the lowest speed.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  • The fabric is not suitable for tumble drying.
  • The fabric is not suitable for ironing.

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All products are handmade and unique. They can therefore have small deviations and differences to the picture.

Made in Germany

Design categories: Blaues Wunder, maritime
Size: S
  • Inner fabric: 100% polyester
  • Outer fabric: 78% polyamide (recycled, ECONYL®), 22% elastane

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August 6, 2021 16:52

Hochwertig und praktisch

Bin sehr zufrieden. Meine Tochter trägt die Windel u.A. beim Babyschwimmkurs, wo sie wirklich teilweise wild durchs Wasser "turnt". Die Windel sitzt, obwohl sie zwischen zwei Größen liegt - an den Beinen hätte sie eine Nummer größer als am Bauch. Ich habe die Windel so gekauft, dass sie an den Beinen fest sitzt, weil ich die kleinere Größe nicht über ihre Oberschenkel bekommen hab. Dadurch ist sie am Bund etwas lockerer, aber es verrutscht nix! Mehrfach genutzt und gewaschen, kein Nachlassen der Qualität bisher.

February 6, 2021 07:37

Tolles Design

Ich liebe das Desig der Windel; der Sitz und die Qualiät des Stoffes überzeugen mich auch; ich hoffe die Größe L passt noch im Sommer, da wir gerade ja nicht schwimmen können, aber am Strand auf Gomera hat die Windel eine sehr gute Figur gemacht.

August 24, 2020 18:44

Super Qualität in wunderschönen Design

Wir lieben unsere Schwimmwindel. Auch wenn das anziehen etwas schwierig ist (evtl. könnte man hier an einer Lösung mit einem Snapverschluss an der Seite arbeiten), sie sitzt perfekt und hält an Ort und stelle. Ein Stinker bleibt definitiv in der Hose. Auch wenn uns dies bisher (noch) nicht passiert ist. Den in meinen Augen Härtetest - Salzwasser und feinster Sand - hat sie unbeschadet überstanden.