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Onesie Extender "Merinomo" in a set (2 pieces, with merino wool and organic cotton, 2 button sizes 7 + 10 mm)


A set with which you can make (almost) every onesie fit for your baby wrapped in cloth nappies.

  • for little babies who grow beyond themselves
  • extends the onesie by 6 cm
  • makes every onesie fit over the cloth diaper

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Babies grow. Much too fast. Before you know it, the new onesie is already a size too small. With our onesie extenders the bodysuits can be worn for a while longer. That's sustainable and also good for your wallet.

The set "Merinomo" contains 2 onesie extensions with 2 different button sizes:

  • small: 7 mm
  • large: 10 mm

Since the manufacturers of onesies use different button sizes, you can be sure with this set that at least one of the extensions will fit your onesies.

Material properties

  • high-quality organic cotton and merino wool, robust and durable
  • the small metal button is silver and the large metal button is red for better differentiation of the sizes

Application possibilities

  • as an extender, if the onesie still fits around the top, but does not close at the bottom
  • helps with nighttime diapers, so that the onesie does not fit too tight

Our onesie extenders fit on most popular body brands. These include BabyClub (C&A), earlydays, George, H&M, Kanz, Liegelind, Lupilu (Lidl), Next, organic (Hessnatur), Petit Bateau, Steiff, Topomini (Ernsting's Family) and many more.


  • length: 8,5 cm
  • width: 6,5 cm
  • button spacing: 2,3 cm


Onesie Extender merino wool anthracite: 100% wool (merino wool)

Onesie Extender "Kimono": 100% Baumwolle (Bio-Baumwolle)

Care instructions for Onesie Extender made of cotton

  • max. 60 °C, with heavy-duty or coloured detergent
  • wash with the same colours
  • please wash in the laundry net 
  • spin at speeds below 1000 rpm
  • please air-dry or in the dryer at gentle setting
  • pull into shape wet or iron at low setting


Care instructions for Onesie Extender made of wool

  • Stains can be easily brushed out of the wool or washed off with water.
  • Most of the time, airing in the fresh air is enough to make odors and moisture disappear.
  • Wash the onesie extender made of wool by hand in lukewarm water or in a laundry net in the wool wash program at 30°C.
  • Use a detergent that is suitable for wool, such as wool wash lotion.
  • Please do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  • The onesie extender made of wool is not suitable for tumble drying or ironing.


Please note that some brands use smaller and larger snap fasteners and yet are not compatible with our body extensions. In addition, the manufacturers change the snap fasteners of the bodysuits from time to time, so we cannot promise that our information about suitable manufacturers is always up to date. Some manufacturers also use only two buttons or very narrow button spacing.

Please check the diameter and button spacing of the press studs on your bodysuits before you buy to make sure that our body extensions fit.

Made in Germany

Design categories: wool
Onesie Extension: 7 mm, 10 mm

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