Potty training kit "Rubin" (merino wool)

Set of merino wool training pants, color "Rubin"
Consisting of:

  • Merino wool training pants, made of 100% merino wool  

  • Insert for training pants made of organic cotton terry cloth

  • Insert for training pants made of hemp-cotton-fleece

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Product Description


Our merino wool training pants are completely made of merino wool, extremely soft and with a wonderful correct fitting

Consisting of:

  • Merino wool training pants, made of 100% merino wool &nbsp
  • Insert for training pants made of organic cotton terry cloth
  • Insert for training pants made of hemp-cotton-fleece

Herzogfotografie Merinotrainer WindelManufaktur


The merino wool training pants

For many children training pants are a helpful companion during the phase of potty/toilet training because they are easier to put on and take off. In this way the child can find his own way to the potty/the toilet more independently and be happy about this sense of achievement. Even children who do not want to be wrapped in diapers quite early are more likely to accept the training pats.

With the reinforced insert, training pants or nappy-free pants help absorbing small mishaps. So it is not necessary to change the trousers immediately and, even in a supermarket, you do not need to be embarrassed if the already potty/toilet-trained child has wet or pooped in his pants.

Training pants also give a safer feeling to parents and child even during longer car or train trips.

When the child is completely potty/toilet-trained, the training pants can be still worn without inserts as underpants. For this reason we place the snaps on the pants efficiently, so that they do not press.

In order to use the training pants properly, we recommend approximatively seven inserts per training pants - that means five extra inserts in addition to the ones which are already delivered with each training pants. For the merino wool training pants we recommend the inserts, which are also included in the package: the inserts for training pants made of organic cotton terry cloth and hemp fleece.

Herzogfotografie Merinotrainer WindelManufaktur

Material Declaration: 100% merino wool.


Please wash the merino wool training pants only in the wool washing program or by hand at 30°C. Since wool has a self-cleaning function, air-drying is often more than enough. Greasing with lanolin increases the repellent effect against dirt or water. Stains can be easily brushed out or sprinkled with cold water.

How and why do you grease (impregnate) the merino wool training pants?

Lanolin (the wool fat) has to be removed before processing wool. If you add this grease afterwards again, the wool gets its great self-cleaning and water-repellent properties back. Well greased training pants are waterproof, airtight and need to be washed rarely.

The detailed washing instructions can be found on our explanation page for the training pants and on the explanatory page for wool in general, which we are currently creating. Until then, you will find the instructions here at our cloth diaper care products.

Insert for training pants made of organic terry cloth

The perfect fitting insert with double sewn terry cloth fabric

This terry cloth fabric is of selected quality, because of the used yarn as well as he weaving technique. The cotton planted in Turkey conforms to the dispositions of the certified organic cultivation (kbA) and the weaving technique is a special chain weaving (Mayer-Warp), which produces a highly durable but still lightweight fabric. This fabric is made especially for WindelManufaktur because such qualities are rarely demanded on the market. The special feature of the fabric is the small addition of polyester - with it the fabric remains soft and cuddly, even without a dryer and in calcareous areas for a long time.

Material declaration: 91% cotton, 9% polyester

Herzogfotografie Merinotrainer WindelManufaktur

Insert for training pants made of hemp fleece with double sewn hemp fleece insert made of a cuddly, robust quality with a velvety surface

The thick hemp fleece is sewn in two layers and consists of 55% hemp and of 45% organic cotton (kbA, certified quality). The absorption capacity is enormous and surprising for everyone - even if you already know hemp inserts. The hemp fleece inserts shrink a little bit after being washed - this shrinkage is included in the cutting of the inserts. Only after washing the inserts fit perfectly.

Material Declaration: 55% hemp, 45% cotton


You can find the perfect size for your child in this size chart here below. Just to be sure that you choose the right one, you can also use a tape measure to take measurement of the waist circumference (1) and leg circumference (2) of your child.

Size Weight waist circumference(1)          leg circumference (2)     Groessen-Windelmanufaktur-Trainerhose
XS 4-6 kg till 40 cm till 17 cm
S 6-8 kg till 44 cm till 23 cm
M 8-12 kg till 48 cm till 27 cm
L 12-17 kg till 52 cm till 31 cm
XL - till 59 cm till 35 cm

All inserts must be pre-washed - only after several washes they reach their maximum absorption capacity! Pre-washing means that you have to wash them about 6-10 times with normal laundry before use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

delivery time 3-5 days

Customer Reviews (2)

Höschen sehr gut, Gummibund verbesserungswürdigReview by K.H.
- Qualität des Höschen-Stoffes ist sehr gut
- Mangel:
Gummi ist nicht festgenäht und schneidet ein, da er sich zusammenklappt
- ich habe ihn selbst getauscht weil das Höschen sonst sehr gut ist
- ich würde mir einen größenverstellbaren Bund wünschen um das Höschen besser anpassen zu können (Posted on 3/31/2021)
Gummi im Vgl. zur Größe zu eng Review by Katharina
Ich liebe das Material der Höschen, sowie Schnitt, Optik und Funktionalität. Wir nutzen sie im Sommer sogar als kurze Hose. Leider ist der eingenähte Gummi an der Hüfte im Vgl. zur Größe der Hose zu eng, so dass immer Abdrücke entstehen.
Bei uns sind außerdem zwei Knöpfe (Snaps) ausgerissen. Dies wurde auf unvorsichtige Handhabung zurückgeführt. Unsere 2-jährige Tochter darf die Einlagen selbst herausnehmen und in die Wetbag schmeißen. Für uns ganz normal. (Posted on 8/10/2020)

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