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Münder Baby Potty white (enamel)

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The sustainable alternative or supplement to cloth diapers - the baby potty from MÜNDER

  • environmentally friendly, robust and durable made of natural raw materials
  • wide, rounded edge for comfortable sitting
  • easy to clean, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic

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A baby potty is a super practical accessory, because you can practice elimination communication with your little one whereever you are. Special potties like this one have a lot of advantages: With the wide rim, you can safely clamp the potty between your legs without it slipping away. At the same time, it's comfortable for your baby. It is deep enough that nothing can splash out. It's wonderfully easy to clean and light enough to take anywhere.

And when you don't need it as a potty anymore, it also makes a great sandbox toy or flower pot ;)

Material characteristics

The white potty with a blue edge is made of enamel.

Some material facts - What is enamel?

Enamel, or fused glass, has been used for tableware and other everyday objects for thousands of years. Molten glass is applied as a coating to a substrate metal, usually sheet steel. In the process, a very strong and corrosion-resistant protective layer is formed on the metal at a temperature of just over 800° Celsius. The word enamel is derived from the Old High German word smelzan, which means "melt". In French, émail means something like "melt" or "glaze."

In the production of enamel, only iron, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda ash and potash are needed, all of which are commonly found mineral resources. No living creature has to suffer for its production, and every product made from enamel is 100% recyclable, in addition to being extremely durable.






  • Height: approx. 10 cm,
  • diameter opening: about 20 cm
  • Diameter top: about 16 cm
  • Diameter bottom: about 11 cm


Improper handling may cause the enamel layer to chip off. Most enamel products are largely handmade using traditional methods. For these reasons, irregularities in the enamel glaze, at welding points or suspension points that occur during the firing process are a typical feature. These cannot be avoided despite all care and are therefore no reason for a complaint.

Made in Germany

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