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DetentionPants Unique


Create a pair of AbhalteHose in the design of your choice.

Below the order form you will find the instructions as well as the instructions for ordering a unique pair of AbhalteHose. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Available, delivery time 2-3 Wochen

A AbhalteHose just the way you like it

Would you like to have a completely individual AbhalteHose as a unique piece for your child? Then have a unique piece tailored for you! You can choose an enchanting fabric from our store.

Also the AbhalteDiaper is unique possible, so that you have your perfect diaper-free combination.

The most important things in a nutshell - this is how you order your unique item

  1. Fill out the order form carefully.
  2. Please check your order carefully before you send it and follow our instructions listed here.
  3. Pay for your order.
  4. You will receive an order confirmation including your order number by e-mail.
  5. Cut the fabric to the right size and follow our instructions on this page.
  6. Send us your fabric to the studio or bring it in person. Please include a note with your order number and name.

    Our address is:

    Stephanie Oppitz GmbH
    Großenhainer Str. 21
    01097 Dresden
  1. We will match the fabric to your order in our studio and sew your unique piece after receipt of payment.
  2. After about 2-3 weeks you will have your very own individual ManufakturWindel in your hands.

We have collected the most important questions about the AbhalteHose unique order here below in the text for you. Please read them carefully before you place your order.

Tips and frequently asked questions about your unique order

Which fabric is suitable?

Only woven fabrics are suitable for the AbhalteHosen, i.e. fabrics that cannot be stretched. The better the quality of the fabric, the more durable your AbhalteHosen will be.

  • We recommend poplin and other high quality cotton woven fabrics.
  • Baby corduroy is also possible - but the pants will be a bit firmer overall due to the heavier fabric quality.
  • With sling fabrics you should know that the pants often look bigger, even if the same pattern is used. The cloth fabric does not "fold in" at the cuffs as much as thinner woven fabrics.

Wool fabrics, polyester fabrics, jersey, sweat, interlock and fleece cannot be used. Muslin can only be used if a fleece has been ironed on.

Please note that we cannot place exact motifs on the AbhalteHose. Even with non-directional motifs, we cannot guarantee that a motif will be placed the right way around in the central areas. You are on the safe side if you choose a design with a small pattern.

You are also welcome to choose one of our AbhalteHose unique fabrics from the outer fabric selection options in the order process. These are perfect for the AbhalteHosen and will be cut to your desired size.

How big should the fabric cut be?

For your AbhalteHose unique we need a sufficiently large fabric cut. It would be a pity if we could not sew the AbhalteHose because the fabric is not big enough.

The fabric size requirements are based on the size you want, just like the outside diaper uniques.

Please make sure that you send us twice the size of fabric if you also want the inner fabric to be sewn from your fabric.

The following list shows you clearly what you should pay attention to when ordering or cutting your fabric for a AbhalteHose unique piece.

Maße AbhalteHose Unikat WindelManufaktur

Can the fabric cut be larger?

You can also choose to cut the fabric generously. Excess fabric will be sent back to you with your unique piece. That means: What exceeds the measurements we mentioned above, you get back. An example: If you send us a piece of 80*80 cm for size 1, we will send you back a strip of 80*25 cm with your unique piece.

Does the fabric need to be pre-washed?

Depending on the type of fabric, the finished AbhalteHosen can be different even though the pattern is the same. To avoid later shrinking or stretching of the unique fabric, it is advisable to send it to us pre-washed and ironed.

I would like to have a unique pair of AbhalteHose, but I don't have the right fabric. Can I still order one?

Yes, you can. In the order process, select your dream fabric from the outer fabric selection options.

It is not possible to combine an outer fabric from the store with your own inner fabric. You can

  • combine your own outer fabric with one of our inner fabrics or
  • send in your own fabric for outside and inside.

I would like to combine two unique fabrics from the store. Is that possible?

No, we cannot offer fabric splitting for the AbhalteHose.

How do I design my AbhalteHose unique piece?

You can select all other components of the AbhalteHose individually in the order process so that your desired fabric is shown off to its best advantage.

  • Outer fabric: your own fabric or designs made of cotton poplin, corduroy or linen
  • Inner fabric: own fabric or material (organic cotton sherpa,cotton flannel, poplin or linen) and color
  • Cuffs: Color
  • Snaps: color

Here you can get a first impression of the available color range of our flannel fabrics and cuffs. In the Help Center you can find a detailed description of the materials and colors for inner fabricsand Cuff.

Please note that the technical representation of the colors does not match 100% with the real colors. Deviations are always possible.

  • neutral tones (from left to right): black, gray, beige, white
  • blue tones: navy blue, dark blue, petrol, turquoise, ice blue, light blue
  • Green tones: pond green, bottle green, light green, mint
  • Pink tones: purple, rosé dark, old rose, pastel lilac
  • Red-yellow tones: cognac, mustard yellow, peach, signal red, yellow

  • neutral tones (from left to right): black, brown, gray, light gray mottled, beige, cream, white
  • blue tones: dark blue, petrol dark, smoke blue, petrol, turquoise, light blue, aqua, mint
  • Green tones: olive dark, green, clover green, light green
  • Violet tones: lilac, purple, pink, dark pink, light pink
  • Red-yellow tones: burgundy, red, dark orange, coral, light orange, mango, yellow

If you are not sure, feel free to focus on the material and leave the color selection to us. Often the color scheme works better when the fabric, snap and cuff colors are next to each other.

Please note: If you choose a poplin color shade as your inner fabric, we will pick the perfect matching fabric for you, as we have a selection of color shades in stock for each color.

In the field "Comments/Wishes" you can leave us special notes, for example which colors are excluded for you.

Please note: Currently there are no wool fabrics available for the AbhalteHose-Unikat.

Please also note the corresponding surcharges in the order form.

Can I have my AbhalteHose embroidered, patched, or have a pocket on them?

No, we cannot offer these options at the moment.

Help. I'm unsure what my combination will end up looking like and if I'll like it!

We have great understanding for this! We are happy to offer you the option to have us photograph your design and email you a picture so you can see how the colors will match. To do this, you can simply click the "Design Preview" box at the top of the process. Before we sew your unique piece, you will receive the picture by email for "approval".

How can I change my unique order?

Change requests after sending your order can only be accepted free of charge within a period of one working day. Once the unique piece has been started in our production process, change requests will only be accepted at an additional cost of 5,00€ and are no longer guaranteed. Please understand that we try very hard to produce the perfect unique piece for you and proceed with the utmost care. Therefore, any change request, no matter how small, means a lot of processing and administrative work for us.

How do I attach the note with my info to the fabric?

Please do not stick any needles on your fabric. This can cause unsightly holes. If you attach a note, please use paper clips for it.

How do I proceed with collective orders?

For group orders, that is, when several people want to order a unique piece of fabric/sling, we ask that the fabric be sent in already cut and that the individual pieces of fabric be labeled with name and order number.

I have ordered other products from you. Will you send them to me earlier when they are available?

Immediately available items that you order along with your unique piece will not be shipped with the unique piece until it is completed. Please order these items separately (with shipping) if you would like to receive them immediately.

Do you also sew hold-away pants in size newborn, 1.5 (6-15 kg) and size 3 (15-25 kg)?

No, we can not offer these sizes as AbhalteHosen-Unikat at the moment.

What happens after I order my unique piece here in the store?

After we receive your order and payment, your AbhalteHosen unique will be made. Your AbhalteHosen will be made according to the specifications on the order form.

When will my unique piece be ready?

The total delivery time is 3-5 weeks.

What else do I need to know?

If the selected options differ from the information in the "Comments/Wishes" field and it is not clear what has priority, we will follow the selected options in case of doubt.

Possible and how to avoid them

Stumbling block 1: Your unique piece cannot be made according to your wishes.

Please select in the drop-down menu what should happen if the AbhalteHose cannot be made according to your wishes (see below for examples):

  • Leave it to us to decide how to proceed.


  • Select to be contacted and decide for yourself for a 5.00€ handling fee.

Possible emerging questions and problems can be:

  • The motif of your fabric is not aligned correctly. The AbhalteHose can be sewn, but the motif is not ideal on the finished AbhalteHose. Please understand that we cannot make an exact motif placement on the AbhaltePants. Even with non-directional motifs, we cannot guarantee that a motif will be placed the right way around in the central areas. You are on the safe side if you choose a design with a small pattern.
  • Your fabric has a fabric defect that would be seen on the finished AbhalteHose.
  • Your wishes, which you have noted in the "Notes/Wishes" field, cannot be implemented (e.g. your wish for motif placement or color selection).
  • Your choice in the selection fields differs from your wishes in the "Notes/Wishes" field.

Stumbling block 2: Unfortunately, your AbhalteHose unicum cannot be realized at all.

In case of the following questions and problems, which make the realization of your order impossible, we will contact you unsolicited and a handling fee of 5,00€ will be charged. Please prevent this by reading and following our instructions for ordering your unique piece.

  • Your fabric does not correspond to the required size.
  • The materiality of your fabric does not correspond to our specifications (e.g. if your fabric is stretchy or made of woolen whale).
  • The fabric edges would have to be unraveled to fit the fabric size (e.g. for a sling fabric).

This way you avoid stumbling blocks on the way to your dream-unique:

  • Check your order very carefully before you send it. All wishes that are not covered by the selection fields, you should clearly formulate in the comment field.
  • Check your fabric very carefully for size, texture, and motif distribution before sending it to us. Do this after you have pre-washed it, as it may shrink during washing.

Did you know that we also make unique panty liners as well as unique cloth sanitary napkins?

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