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cotton terry cloth inserts for training pants in a set (5 pieces)


  • Set of five inserts for trainings pants made of cotton terry cloth
  • fluffy and high-pile
  • quick-absorbing
  • buttonable - so that they do not slip inside the training pants

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Size of Training pants

Set of five cotton terry cloth inserts for training pants

  • buttonable - so that they perfectly fit in our training pants

These are double sewn inserts for training pants made of cotton terry cloth with a layer of PUL.

Our terry cloth fabric is of selected quality, because of the used yarn as well as he weaving technique. The cotton planted in Turkey conforms to the dispositions of the certified organic cultivation (kbA) and the weaving technique is a special chain weaving (Mayer-Warp), which produces a highly durable but still lightweight fabric. This fabric is made especially for WindelManufaktur because such qualities are rarely demanded on the market. The special feature of the fabric is the small addition of polyester - with it the fabric remains soft and cuddly, even without a dryer and in calcareous areas for a long time.

Thanks to the PUL layer the training pants are almost waterproof and give more security, especially at night or when the excretory communication between you and your child is not (yet) working so well. PUL stands for "polyurethane laminate" and refers to a substance which is bonded (glued) to a polyurethane film. The PUL used by the WindelManufaktur is CPSIA certified, does not contain lead, BPA or phthalates and is also food safe.

Attention: The PUL of our training pants system is sewn only under the insert. Thus, with large volumes of fluid, it may happen that the absorption capacity of the insert is exceeded and the cuffs of the training pants get wet. The PUL membrane therefore does not provide a 100% guarantee that clothing worn over the training pants will remain dry. The training pants must be replaced after a bigger mishap, if the insert has not been sufficient and is not a substitute for a diaper!

Size of the inserts

Since our training pants come in the five sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, the inserts must fit well into them. Too large or too small inserts let the training pants stick out or push too much and then it leaks very quickly.

Which size of the training pants and of the inserts do you need?

  • For our training pants in XS and S we designed the inserts in XS / S.
  • For our training pants in M, L and XL we designed the inserts in M / L / XL.

The inserts are high waisted - thanks to this constructive detail, they do not push the skin of the children and they cuddle up very well to the childish proportions. The waistband is not exactly in the middle! The longer part of the insert comes on the back side of the training pants, the shorter on the front.

Material Declatration: 91% cotton, 9% polyester

Washing: 60°C

Size of Training pants: XS/S

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December 20, 2020 17:31

Super gut!

Die Einlagen haben eine ganz wunderbare Saugfähigkeit und sind trotz viele Male waschens immer noch flauschig und weich. Sehr angenehmen!

October 18, 2019 09:07

Klasse Trainereinlagen

Wir verwenden die Trainereinlagen aus Frottee in Verbindung mit einer Wolltrainerhose. Diese Kombination gefällt uns und unserem Kind sehr gut. Der Frottee Stoff fühlt sich sehr angenehm an. Es ist außerdem kein PUL oder ähnliches notwendig, um kleinere Mengen Pipi aufzufangen.

January 11, 2021 07:14

Wunderbar und angenehm

Ich wollte für meine Tochter ein Produkt, das natürlich ist und gut für die Haut. Außerdem soll das ganze natürlich noch funktionieren und saugfähig sein. Und meine Tochter sollte sich auch noch wohlfühlen. Kurz gesagt, all das habe ich hier gefunden.

March 3, 2021 10:58

Einlagen passen (noch) nicht ganz

Habe die Einlagen nach der Tabelle passend für Trainerhöschen M ausgesucht. Passen nicht ganz, sind zu groß. Vielleicht muss ich aber auch noch öfter einwaschen (bisher erst zweimal)