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Burp cloth "Koala happiness" (linen)


Lovingly sewn burp cloth made of linen with enchanting cotton appliqué

  • the noble variant to the muslin or muslin cloth
  • to protect against saliva stains
  • suitable as a chic neckerchief or favourite cuddle blanket

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Our high quality processed linen cloth has the ideal size to be used as a burp cloth, cuddle blanket or even as a thin baby blanket for the summer. Lovingly handmade, with enchanting cotton appliqué, each cloth is unique. Folded into a triangle, your child has a chic neckerchief as an accessory - compared to muslin cloths, a particularly high-quality variant. The fine fabrics make this scarf a perfect gift.

Material properties

Linen is derived from flax and is incredibly difficult to manufacture, which makes this fabric so special. Clothing made of linen, including the burp cloth, has the special property of cooling wonderfully. Perfect for hot days! Typical for linen is that the fabric is slightly uneven and wrinkles after washing. This gives it a very special character and emphasises its original naturalness. With every wash and wear, linen becomes softer and cosier. It feels simply wonderful and light.

The application with the delicate pastel eucalyptus leaves is made of high-quality cotton.

Possible uses

  • as a burp cloth to protect clothes from saliva
  • as a pretty accessory to the day outfit
  • as a blanket to cuddle and fall asleep with
  • as a thin baby blanket to cover up
  • as a scarf for the cold season to protect against cold and wind


68 x 68 cm


cloth: 100% linen

Application: 100% cotton

Care instructions

  • max. 40 °C, with colour detergent
  • do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • air dry or tumble dry on gentle setting
  • suitable for ironing

Linen is naturally creased and will smooth out somewhat through use and wear. However, you can also get linen smooth again by ironing it damp.


All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore have small variations and differences from the picture.

Made in Germany

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