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Lenya organic natural wool (greasy wool) 100g


Bioland natural wool (greasy wool) 100g from Lenya

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According to experts, the effect is based on the gentle contact with the skin. The skin is our largest organ. With the countless fine fibre ends of the natural wool, the capillary blood system is stimulated. This supports the body's own powers. The mild warming causes a relaxation of the underlying musculature. The high fat content of the wool cares for the skin and prevents itching. Germs do not develop further on wool, so that it is ideal as an overlay in the wound area. Here the loose wool also ensures good ventilation of the skin.

Wonder baby's bottom:
Cut off a diaper-sized piece of the wool and place it in the diaper as an insert, so that all paper or fabric is covered.Do not apply cream! Discard at diaper change and put in a fresh layer.
If you still feel the need to cream, use an ointment without preservatives or fragrances.

Sore nipples:
Put a sufficiently large and thin piece in the nursing bra on the dry skin, over it the nursing pads. Change the pad after the next breastfeeding.
In the same way, pad inflamed areas on thefeet with natural wool.

Place a layer of wool on the skin in the chest area - or on the back if the illness is far advanced - and fix it in place with a well-fitting undershirt or T-shirt. The wool puffs up so that it does not slip. Change the layer of natural wool in the morning and evening. It only needs to be aired and can then be reused.

Form a ball of natural wool and place it in such a way that you can easily remove it again.

Gastrointestinal cramps, 3-month colic:
Place a good layer of natural wool on your stomach and secure with your underwear.

Tense muscles, intervertebral disc problems, lumbago, joint pain:
Place a good layer of natural wool on the body region in question.

Only use raw wool that has been washed, combed and greased back.

Note: A doctor should be consulted for acute ailments.

Natural wool has not been clinically tested or scientifically studied as a remedy. It is not subject to any further regulations.

Manufacturer: Lenya

Content: 100g

Fiber: 100% kbT Bioland virgin sheep's wool (pure wool), washed only with water, high fat content

Design categories: wool

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