Fettwolle 'oily wool'

Fettwolle 'oily wool'

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Fettwolle - ‘oily wool’

Raw wool has long been used to treat sore skin. Experts believe that the countless fine wool fibres stimulate the tiny blood vessels of the skin, increasing blood circulation in the affected area. Gentle warmth lets the muscles relax, while the high fat content of the wool stops skin from drying, cracking and itching. Wool does not allow germs to develop further, while permitting air circulation, making it an ideal material on sore skin.

Sore baby bottom:

Place a diaper-sized patch of wool on top of your diaper inserts, directly against baby’s skin. Do not use cream or ointment! Replace with a fresh patch of wool at each diaper change.

If you really think you should use cream, please reach for an unscented one that is free of conservatives.

Sore or inflamed nipples:

Place a thin, but sufficiently big patch of wool directly on your skin, inside your nursing bra, under your breastpads. Replace after each nursing session, or when wet from leaking milk.

This works for inflamed and irritated skin on feet and other body parts, too.


Place a layer of wool on your chest and wear a well fitting shirt to hold it in place - the wool inflates a little and won’t slip off. If you are dealing with an advanced case of bronchitis, add another patch of wool on your back, too. You will not need any cough medicine. Replace the wool in the mornings and evenings, it only needs to air out and can be reapplied.

Ear aches:

Shape a small lump of wool into a ball you can easily insert into, and remove from your ear.

Tummy aches and colics:

Place a layer of wool on the tummy and keep it in place with clothes worn on top.

Tense muscles, back pain, slipped disks, painful joints:

Place a layer of wool on the affected area.

Please note: Only use raw wool that has been washed, combed and regreased. Consult your doctor if problems persist. Fettwolle (‘oily wool’) has not been tested and approved clinically, and is not subject to further regulations.


Producer: Lenya

Content: 100 g

Fibre: 100% Bioland certified organic new wool, washed with water only, high fat content


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Additional Information

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Fettwolle 'oily wool'

Fettwolle 'oily wool'

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