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Panty liners and menstrual pads

When we started our cloth diapers, we kept getting feedback from our customers about the need to make sustainable and reusable hygiene products for themselves. So soon after, we started making panty liners and menstrual pads; of course to the same standards as our cloth diapers: with sustainable materials, in the highest quality and wonderful designs.

Since we didn't just want to appeal to "cloth diaper mums", we decided to start a sister brand in 2018. The wonderful name "Von Ocker und Rot" (Of Ochre and Red), in addition to the colour association with the female cycle, points to our "Made in Germany" craftsmanship. In our WindelManufaktur-Shop you can find a selection of washable panty liners, pads and period underwear as well as other beautiful products for your sustainable monthly hygiene, body care and more. You can find the complete range in the Von Ocker und Rot Shop.