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Try Out Set small "Floral"


Try Out Set "Floral" - Surprise package with one panty liner slim, one panty liner normal and one cloth menstruation pad mini each with different materials and colors to the skin side and in the core.

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Who has the agony, has the choice. Or was it the other way around? You can adjust the equipment for your monthly hygiene individually to your discharge and bleeding strength as well as the form of your underwear. Each size has different dimensions and absorbency. We recommend you start your kit with three pads in different sizes. With our Try Out Set "Floral" you can test different sizes and materials to find the best fit and material composition for you.

The set contains

  • 1x panty liner slim with skin side made of cream-colored organic cotton sherpa
  • 1x panty liner normal with skin side made of green cotton flannel
  • 1x cloth menstrual pad mini with skin side made of brown fleece and a core made of a waterproof but breathable membrane and an absorbent layer made of fleece

Let yourself be surprised!

The panty-facing layers are mainly decorated with green patterned cotton fabrics with floral motifs. That means we'll put together your own personal surprise package for you to test. We are sure you will like them.

The panty liners and cloth pads have two wings on the sides for fastening around the panty. It stays securely in place with every movement you make.

Material properties

Panty liner slim

The slim panty liner is thinner and narrower than a menstruation pad and makes all the difference when you have white discharge or only light bleeding. Or it gives you the security you need when using a menstrual cup or tampon.

Panty liner normal

The normal panty liner with cotton flannel on the skin side is your faithful companion for the weak days or in case of discharge.

Cloth menstrual pad mini

The fleece on the skin side of the small cloth menstruation pad is made of very high-quality and thinly processed polyester, so that it dries quickly after washing and always remains soft. It gives you a pleasant stay-dry feeling and is super suitable for very sensitive skin. A thin absorbent layer of fleece stores liquids safely inside. You can use it well without menstrual cup or tampon in case of light bleeding.

Our slim panty liners are best suited

  • for heavier, more liquid white discharge
  • on the weaker days
  • as a backup to a menstrual cup or tampon

Our normal panty liners are best suited:

  • for stronger, rather liquid discharge
  • on the weaker days
  • as a backup to a menstrual cup or tampon
  • for very light bladder weakness, for example due to coughing, sneezing or laughing

Our mini cloth menstrual pads are most suited:

  • on the weak and medium days
  • as a backup to menstrual cup or tampon
  • in case of very heavy discharge
  • in case of slightly weak bladder control

Dimensions slim panty liners

  • length: 19 cm
  • width (without wings): 4.5 cm

Dimensions normal panty liners

  • length: 20 - 20,5 cm
  • width (without wings): 4.5 cm

Dimensions mini cloth menstruatl pads

  • length: 20 - 20,5 cm
  • width (without wings): 4.5 cm

Care instructions

  • max. 60 °C, with heavy duty or colour detergent
  • wash with same colours
  • please wash in laundry net
  • do not use fabric softener
  • pull damp into shape and air dry
  • not suitable for tumble dryer
  • not suitable for ironing
  • please wash with the same colours


All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore have small deviations and differences from the picture.

Made in Germany

Size of Menstrual Pad: small
Size of Panty Liner: slim, normal

Panty liner slim

  • Panty-facing side: 100% cotton
  • Skin-facing side: 100% cotton (organic cotton)

Panty liner normal

  • Panty-facing side: 100% cotton
  • Skin-facing side: 100% cotton

Cloth menstrual pad mini

  • Panty-facing side: 100% cotton
  • Core:100% polyester
  • Membrane: 75% polyester, 25% polyurethane
  • Skin-facing side: 100% polyester

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