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Custom Community Mask


Create a community mask in the design of your choice.
  • Whether you're shopping, getting your hair done, or heading to school, wear a makeshift mask that suits you.
  • Help yourself and your family enjoy wearing the masks, too.
  • Also reduce the risk of catching colds in the future.
The community mask is not a medical product!

Available, delivery time 2-3 Wochen

A community mask to suit your taste

You only like the colour blue or you are looking for a non-medical community mask that matches your yellow jacket? If you have to cover your face, at least do it in style? Turn your favorite fabric into a makeshift mask that you'll be happy to wear in the future out of respect for your fellow man when you catch a cold! WindelManufaktur will use your fabric idea to make an extraordinary one-of-a-kind piece: a mask that won't exist a second time!

Thecommunity mask is an aid, which can be used in addition to general protective measures to reduce the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria. It also helps in medical facilities additionally to the medical products when working with patients. The community mask is not a medical infection protection and does not replace the prescribed hygiene measures! See below for more information.

Possible applications

  • when staying in public or when wearing the mask is recommended or obligatory
  • for nursing staff to prevent smear infections (hand in the face) as far as possible
  • for patients to protect the environment


  • Size XS suitable for small and preschool children (without surcharge)
  • Size S suitable for school children (+0,50€)
  • Size M suitable for teenagers and adults with rather small head (+1,00€)
  • Size M/L (intermediate size) suitable for adults (+ 1,50€)
  • Size L fits adults with rather large head (+ 1,50€)

The most important things in short - this is how you order your unique mask

  1. Fill out the order form carefully.
  2. Please check your order carefully before you send it and follow our instructions listed here.
  3. Pay for your order.
  4. You will receive an order confirmation including your order number by e-mail.
  5. Cut the fabric to the right size and follow the instructions on this page.
  6. Send us your fabric to the studio or bring it by personally. Please include a note with your order number and name.

    Our address is:

    Stephanie Oppitz GmbH
    Großenhainer Str. 32
    01097 Dresden

  7. We will assign the fabric to your order in our studio and sew your unique piece after receipt of payment.

After about 2-3 weeks you will hold your very own mouth and nose mask in your hands.

Hints and frequently asked questions about your unique order

Which fabric is suitable?

For the community masks, just like for the outer diapers, panty liners and cloth pads, only woven fabrics are suitable, i.e. fabrics that cannot be stretched. The better the quality of the fabric, the more durable the unique item will be. Thin poplin and other high quality cotton woven fabrics are good choices here. Note that it may be harder to breathe the thicker the fabric. Polyester fabrics, jersey, sweat, interlock and fleece are not suitable.

How big should the fabric cut be?

  • Size XS, S: 20 x 35 cm
  • Size M, M/L, L: 25 x 40 cm

Can the fabric cut be larger?

You are welcome to cut the fabric generously. Excess fabric will be sent back to you with your unique piece. That means: What exceeds the measurements mentioned above will be returned to you.

What happens if the fabric cut is too small?

If the fabric cut is too small, we will contact you and there will be an additional handling fee of 5 €.

Does the fabric have to be pre-washed?

To avoid a later shrinking or stretching of the unique fabric, it is advisable to send it pre-washed and ironed to us.

How do I create my unique piece?

In addition to the size and your fabric of choice, you can also choose the inner fabric and the type of straps during the ordering process.

Inner fabric:

  • Mesh white or black (no extra charge):Mesh is a mesh lining made of 100% polyester. It gives the mask the necessary stability so that you can still breathe well and does not feel damp from the outgoing air. You know this from the inner lining of sportswear, for example.
  • Albstoffe shield (+0,50 €): Albstoffe shield is an innovative, antimicrobial high-tech fibre. The white jersey fabric consists of 93% Trevira bioactive and 7% elastane. It has been clinically tested.
  • Ventilus breathable fabric (+0,50 €): The Ventilus breathable fabric made of 100% polyester is characterized by its light processing and the good wearing comfort. It hugs well and is also very breathable.


  • elastic band (white)
  • coloured jersey ribbon (dark blue, cream, light grey, light green or turquoise with white stars)

You can also thread your own ribbon into the open side tunnels later.

How can I change my unique order?

Change requests after sending your order can only be accepted free of charge within a period of one working day. As soon as the unique piece has been started in our production process, change requests are only accepted for an extra charge of 5 € and are no longer guaranteed. Please understand that we try very hard to produce the perfect unique piece for you and proceed with the utmost care. Therefore, every change request, no matter how small, means a great deal of processing and administrative work for us.

How do I attach the note with my information to the fabric?

Please do not pin your fabric. This can cause unsightly holes. If you do attach a note, please use paper clips to do so.

I have ordered other products from you. Will you send them to me sooner if they are available?

Immediately available items that you order with your unique piece will be shipped with the unique piece after it is finished. Please order these items separately (with shipping) if you want to receive them immediately.

What happens after I order my unique piece here in the shop?

After receipt of your order, after receipt of payment and arrival of the fabric at our studio, your unique piece will be made. Your community mask will be made according to the specifications on the order form.

When will my unique piece be ready?

The total delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Possible stumbling blocks and how to avoid them

Stumbling block 1: Your unique piece cannot be made according to your wishes.

Please select in the drop-down menu what should happen if the unique piece cannot be made according to your wishes (see examples below):

  • Leave it up to us to decide how to proceed.


  • Choose to be contacted and decide for yourself for a handling fee of 5 €.

Possible arising questions and problems can be:

  • The motif of your fabric is not aligned correctly. The unique piece can be sewn, but the motif is not ideal on the finished piece.
  • Your fabric has a fabric flaw that would show on the finished unique piece.
  • Your wishes, which you noted in the "Comments/Requests" field, cannot be implemented (e.g. your wish for the motif placement or color selection).
  • Your choice in the selection fields differs from your wishes in the "Comments/Requests" field.

Stumbling block 2: Unfortunately, your unique piece cannot be realized at all.

In case of the following questions and problems, which make the realization of your order impossible, we will contact you without being asked and a handling fee of 5 € will be charged. Please prevent this by reading and following our instructions for ordering your unique piece.

  • Your fabric does not correspond to the required size.
  • The materiality of your fabric does not correspond to our specifications (e.g. if your fabric is stretchy).
  • The edges of the fabric would have to be unravelled to fit the fabric size (e.g. a sling fabric).

This way you avoid stumbling blocks on the way to your dream-unique:

  • Check your order very carefully before you send it. Any requests that are not covered by the selection fields should be clearly stated in the comments field.
  • Check your fabric carefully for size, texture and pattern distribution before you send it to us. Do this after you have pre-washed it, as it may shrink during washing.

Did you know that we also make unique outer diapers?

Safety instructions for wearing the mouth and nose mask

The product offered is a homemade mouth covering, not a medical respirator. The product does not comply with FFP standards and is not certified.

Wearing the mouth covering does not protect against infections via the respiratory tract. At best, it can reduce the risk of transmitting pathogens to others. No guarantee is given for this.

The Federal Ministry of Health provides detailed information on wearing a makeshift mask.

We want to avoid creating a false sense of security by wearing the mask. This is feared by organisations such as the WHO. We therefore advise to use the mouth and nose mask with caution. Furthermore, the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education apply and should be followed urgently.

Washing hygiene:

Our mask made of fabric should be changed when humidified! You can wash it at 60 °C with oxygen bleach (full detergent). Since the coronavirus is an enveloped virus, normal washing with detergent is actually sufficient to destroy the viral envelope and deactivate it. However, for other viruses, bacteria and fungi, the temperature of 60°C together with oxygen bleach has been shown to be very effective for home use. [Source: "Laundry hygiene-how to get more than clean" D. P. Bockmuehl]


All information has been carefully researched but cannot claim to be complete, up-to-date, accurate or balanced from a medical point of view.

Made in Germany

Size of Mask: M/L

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