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Handkerchiefs "Miss Fein" in a set (5 pieces)


Being environmentally conscious when you have a cold? Our pretty designs make the step from disposable tissues to fabric handkerchiefs particularly easy.
  • for small and large sniffles
  • really soft cotton
  • Tear-resistant and easy to clean

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Miss Fine, how lovely! Fabric handkerchiefs with romantic roses are clearly the more elegant choice when you stylishly dab your mouth while enjoying your strawberry cream cake with afternoon tea.
Especially during the cold season, the use of paper tissues is noticeable in the trash can. With these beautiful handkerchiefs the changeover to the washable alternative is even easier.
The set consists of 5 different handkerchiefs in the following designs:
  • 1x big dots on pink
  • 1x dots and roses on mint
  • 1x dots and roses on pink
  • 1x rose amulets
  • 1x scattered flowers on mint
Material characteristics
  • The handkerchiefs are made of strong and tearproof cotton.
  • Unlike disposable handkerchiefs, they do not fall apart when wet.
Possible applications
  • nose blowing, teardrop or sweat wiping
  • against small crumbs
  • as underlay for unclean seats
  • small wounds can be covered with it
  • moistened and with knots in the corners it is comfortable for little ones to wear on the head in hot weather
  • picked cherries or a few mushrooms from the roadside can be easily transported in it
  • cooked food can be strained and much more
  • even with mommy's spit it's a lot better than a wet wipe
approx. 28 x 28 cm
100% cotton
Care instructions
  • If you have a cold, we recommend a washing temperature of 60°C with heavy-duty detergent.
  • When lightly soiled, wash at 30-40°C with your normal colored laundry.
  • Please do not hand wash the first time, otherwise the colours may bleed out.
  • Please spin at the lowest number of revolutions.
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • The handkerchiefs are suitable for drying and ironing.
All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore show small variations and differences to the illustration.
Made in Germany

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