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Inner diaper (2nd choice), 4 to 19 kg


The waterproof heart of the Manufaktur diaper.
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This inner diaper has fabric defects or does not meet our quality standards and is therefore considered 2nd choice. The function is not affected.


The inner diaper is the heart of the ManufakturWindel. The inner diaper is what makes the ManufakturWindel waterproof in the first place, because it is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate), a textile Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric made of polyester and polyurethane. The special thing about this fabric is that it is both breathable and waterproof at the same time: PUL is a laminate that is as breathable as outdoor fabrics - and can still be washed at high temperatures! Due to the special construction of the inner diaper, the edges of the soaker pads placed inside are optimally enclosed to keep the skin area that gets wet during excretions as small as possible.


The PUL we use isCPSIA certified, contains no lead, BPA or phthalates and is also food safe.

The four buttons to button into the outer diaper are hidden under the PUL fabric for even more optimal protection of baby's skin and no marks.


The inside diapers come in two sizes. This size here fits the two outer diaper sizes 4 to 11 kg and 9 to 19 kg due to its adjustability. For this purpose, the inner diapers have small openings in the elastic tunnels on the gathered sides, from which you can pull out the elastic band and make it smaller by tying a knot. When the child is bigger, you can simply undo these knots. We recommend using crochet knots - these are easy to adjust and open.


The colour of this inner nappy is a warm chocolate brown - ideal for keeping stains out of sight.

Material composition:

95% polyester

5% polyurethane

Washing recommendation:

60 degrees maximum, preferably in a washing net; air dry.


Find out more about the inner diapers and how the outer diaper works here.

Inner Diaper Fabric: PUL
Size of Inner Diaper: 4 to 19 kg

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