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Wetbag small "Blue Wonder


With this bag you have your dirty laundry under control!

  • the ideal size for on the go
  • moisture repellent, breathable and odour-proof - perfect, isn't it?
  • hygienically washable

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Our small wet bag is the more mobile version of the large bag. It is primarily intended for storing used cloth diapers. However, its other uses are so versatile that we can't list them all here. With the practical loop and the easy to close zipper, you have it ready to hand everywhere super fast.

Material properties

The Wetbag is made of polyester with a polyurethane membrane. This has the great properties of being breathable and odor-proof at the same time. Moisture can not penetrate from the inside to the outside. The material is super robust when handled correctly. The loop is made of a robust fabric tape, which you can open with a snap to use it flexibly for hanging.

We had the fabric with the geometric wave pattern produced especially for us on PUL fabric. The famous pattern of the wave crest is a traditional Japanese pattern. It is called "Seigaiha" in Japanese and symbolizes the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes in life there are unpleasant surprises that we experience colloquially like a "Blue Wonder". Here in Dresden, however, we associate the "Blue Wonder" with a bridge on the Elbe that connects the districts of Blasewitz and Loschwitz. It got this name because it was supposedly originally painted green around 1893, but then changed its color to blue.
At that time it was also a miracle that the bridge held at all! Many people did not believe the daring steel construction and there had to be elaborate show tests (with horse-drawn carriages!) so that even the most fearful among the Dresdeners dared to walk across the bridge.
We could all use a little miracle right now and we wish we could express this wish with our design.

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Possible applications

With the Wetbags you can...

  • safely collect and transport used nappies,
  • store wet clothes in the nursery until you take them home,
  • store wet swimwear or sportswear,
  • and much more.

Please note that used cloth diapers add a lot of weight to storage. This stress can cause seams to become damp and the loop to not withstand the weight. This is not a defect, but simple physics. If you are storing heavy, dripping wet diapers, please avoid hanging the Wetbag.

We recommend not storing outer and inner nappies together as they wash differently.


25 x 38 cm

Care instructions

  • Wetbags can be washed together with the absorbent pads in the nappy wash at 60 °C and full detergent powder. If the Wetbag is only lightly soiled, a wash temperature of 30-40°C with the normal coloured wash is also sufficient.
  • Please wash the Wetbag in a laundry net if possible and turn the bag inside out.
  • Please spin at a low spin speed (800-1,000 revolutions).
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.


All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore have small variations and differences from the picture.

Made in Germany

Design categories: Blaues Wunder, maritime
Wetbag Size: medium

75% polyester, 25% polyurethane

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June 29, 2020 15:46

Ein absoluter Hingucker!!

Ich bin ein totaler Fan des Designs, Verarbeitung und Qualität des Wetbags ist super. Egal wo ich den kleinen Wickel, dieser Wetbag ist passend zur Windel immer wieder ein absoluter Hingucker. Ich wünsche mir noch mehr von diesen "schlichten" Designs.

December 12, 2020 17:57

schönes zeitloses Muster

Das Muster ist sehr schön, zeitlos und irgendwie auch erwachsen. Der Wetbag kann kann deshalb nicht nur in der Wickeltasche für nasse Einlagen genutzt werden, sondern auch in der Sporttasche oder Badetasche für nasse oder dreckige Wäsche verwendet werden. Wir sind sehr glücklich mit diesem Wetbag und ich kann mich jeden Tag daran erfreuen!

September 8, 2021 06:25

Wetbag der hält, was er verspricht

Solider wetbag, der Feuchtigkeit und Geruch innen hält. Wasche ihn ab und zu bei 60 Grad, sonst schnelles waschen per Hand. Trocknet schnell, habe auch noch einen zweiten gekauft.