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Pail Liner "Cathedral"


The ideal liner for your diaper pail!
  • ideal for storing nappy washing in a fixed container
  • so that the pail does not have to be disinfected with every wash
  • hygienically washable

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Use the Pail Liner like a reusable garbage bag: just slip it over the diaper pail and you have a perfect solution for used diapers. You can even turn the patterned side inside out so you can enjoy the sight of it after every diaper change.
The Pail Liner holds 1-2 days worth of used diapers. The size is also perfect for storing the individual pieces of the Manufacture diaper separately. There is no zipper to close. You can either leave the diaper pail open (the air exchange will hardly create any odors) or place a lid loosely on top. Please do not close the pail completely, as this can encourage mould growth.
Material properties
The Pail Liner with coloured circles is made of polyester with a membrane made of polyurethane. This has the great properties of being breathable and waterproof at the same time. Moisture cannot penetrate from the inside to the outside. The material is super robust when handled correctly. The elastic band holds the liner securely in the bucket.
Possible applications
With the Pail Liner you can...
  • Safely collect used diapers and other hygiene items,
  • store wet swimsuits or gym clothes,
  • store sand and mud toys,
  • and much more.
Please note that used cloth diapers create a lot of weight during storage. This weight may cause seams to become damp. This does not constitute a defect.
We do not recommend storing outer and inner nappies together as they are washed differently.

Diameter 27-53 cm, height 42 cm

The matching pail can have a capacity of up to 20 litres or a diameter of up to 34 cm and a height of up to 40 cm.

95% polyester
5% polyurethane
Care instructions
  • You can wash the Pail Liner together with the absorbent pads in the nappy wash at 60°C and full detergent powder. If it is only lightly soiled, a wash temperature of 30-40°C with the normal colour wash is also sufficient.
  • Please spin at a low spin speed (800-1000 revolutions).
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
Certificates/Seals of approval
The PUL we use isCPSIA certified, contains no lead, BPA or phthalates and is also food safe.
All products are handmade and unique. Therefore, they may have small deviations and differences from the picture.
Made in Germany
Wetbag Size: Pail Liner
  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Polyurethan

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