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Die Außenwindel der WindelManufaktur

Wasser Marsch! Mit der Schwimmwindel der WindelManufaktur

These diapers can get wet! With our swim diapers, nothing stands in the way of great paddling fun in the swimming pool. The special cut allows for every swimming movement in the water. You can rest assured that the big business won’t spill out. And the best thing is: some of our models are made of a very special, sustainable material.

These are the special features of our swim diapers:

  • pull-on shape without annoying buttons or seams
  • extra soft and wide leg cuffs so that even soft solids cannot leak out
  • super-elastic waistband makes no pressure points and does not slip even when jumping from the edge of the pool
  • partly recycled nylon from fishing nets
  • mesh fabric and microfleece lined inside to catch the solids of any consistency
  • in five sizes suitable from the first baby swim to the first swimming attempts
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