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Mouth and nose mask "That's Saxon." Size M/L


"So geht sächsisch." is the umbrella brand of the Free State of Saxony. If you want to promote Saxony as an ambassador for "So geht sächsisch.", you can now buy the mouth and nose mask designed in the campaign look here in the shop.

The mouth and nose mask accompanies you
  • in everyday life in public places, where a minimum distance of 1,5m cannot be kept
  • in contact with sick people, to avoid touching contaminated hands on the face (smear infection)
  • in case of illness, to reduce the spread of viruses
It is not a medical product!

Available, delivery time 2-5 Tage

Our mouth and nose mask is made of a fabric in DiaperManufacture style - stylish and at the same time 100% functional. This everyday mask makes it easy for you to cover your mouth and nose in public spaces. The cut adapts perfectly to the shape of your face, because the mask has to fit really well. The elastic band can be easily adjusted to the circumference of the head or behind the ears with a knot, so that it neither presses nor is too loose.
The mouth and nose mask is an aid, which can be used supplementary can be used in addition to general protective measures to reduce the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria. It also helps in medical facilities additional to the medical products when working with patients. The mouth and nose mask is not a medical infection protection and does not replace the prescribed hygiene measures! See below for more information.
We offer a special price for medical personnel on request to our customer service.
Material properties
  • The outer fabric is made of robust, easy-care cotton, which is nevertheless cuddly and does not scratch the delicate skin on the face. It is strong enough not to get soaked immediately when sneezing or coughing.
  • The inner fabric is a mesh lining made of polyester. It gives the mask the necessary stability so that you can still breathe well and does not feel damp from the outgoing air. You know this, for example, from the inner lining of sports clothing.
Possible applications
  • for all those who are obliged to wear a mask in public areas where a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained
  • for nursing staff to prevent smear infections (hand to face) as far as possible
  • for sick persons to protect the environment


  • Size XS suitable for small and kindergarten children
  • Size S suitable for school children
  • Size M suitable for teenagers and adults with rather small heads
  • Size M/L (intermediate size) suitable for adults
  • Size L suitable for adults with a rather large head

outer fabric: 100% cotton
inner fabric: 100% polyester
Care instructions
  • 60°C with full detergent powder in the boil and colour wash programme, 90°C are occasionally also possible
  • the use of a laundry net protects the elastic bands and the washing machine
  • spin at a speed of less than 1000 rpm
  • do not use fabric softener
  • air dry or tumble dry on gentle setting
  • not suitable for ironing
Safety notice:
The product offered is a homemade mouth cover, not a medical respirator. The product does not comply with FFP standard and is not certified.
Wearing the mouth covering does not protect against infections via the respiratory tract. At best, it can reduce the risk of transmitting pathogens to others. Noguarantee is given for this.
It is scientifically recommended to wear it close-fitting and to change it regularly if it gets wet.
The Federal Ministry of Health provides detailed information on wearing a makeshift mask.
We want to avoid creating a false sense of security by wearing the mask. This is feared by organisations such as the WHO. We therefore advise to use the mouth and nose mask with caution. Furthermore, the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education apply and should be followed as a matter of urgency.
Washing hygiene:
Our mask made of fabric should be changed when humidified! You can wash it at 60 °C with oxygen bleach (full detergent). Since the coronavirus is an enveloped virus, normal washing with detergent is actually sufficient to destroy the viral envelope and deactivate it. However, for other viruses, bacteria and fungi, the temperature of 60°C together with oxygen bleach has been shown to be very effective for home use. [Source: "Laundry hygiene-how to get more than clean" D. P. Bockmuehl.]
All information has been carefully researched but cannot claim to be complete, current, accurate or balanced from a medical point of view.
All products are handmade and unique. They may therefore have small deviations and differences from the picture.
Made in Germany
Size of Mask: M/L

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