About me, Stephanie Oppitz

Stephanie Oppitz Portrait Fotocredit: Amac Garbe

Hello and welcome, dear reader!

I’m Stephanie, an architect and mum of three. I started a blog about our family and our children’s upbringing in 2011. We implement Attachment Parenting and many Waldorf Education elements in our everyday life.

My family and I try to live a simple and sustainable life. We don’t own a TV or car, we buy organic groceries, cook  our meals from scratch at home and often ask ourselves how a problem may be solved in a more sustainable way.

With three small children, we soon looked for a way to reduce the amount of rubbish produced through disposable diapers. After testing many cloth diaper types, we were still not satisfied and my husband recommended that I come up with something better. I like tinkering about and as an architect I had the necessary passion for construction and geometry. I ultimately gave in to my “tinkering passion” and delved deeply into the world of cloth diapers . I wanted cloth diapers that are leak-proof, but also beautiful and simple. Trial and error produced a huge mountain of prototypes, and ultimately the ManufakturWindel was born.

They were tested extensively on my own children, then on friends’ babies, and are now produced and sold in small and limited numbers.

Once you start looking into sustainable baby care, you don’t usually stop with cloth diapers. Many other products that are created as disposables come into consideration. That is why WindelManufaktur also creates washable changing mats, organic cloth wipes, washable nursing pads and wetbags.

It means a lot to me that my cloth diapers contribute to the survival of the planet, so be welcome on my website and have a look around. I look forward to your comments and am always available for any questions you may have.

P.S.: A short while ago, my son noticed a baby in a disposable diaper on a very hot summer’s day. He said he felt sorry for the baby, as it must be sweating a lot in this plastic diaper. I know we are heading the right way when our children are aware of the exploitation of our planet.