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Because you care for your baby

Our washable cloth diapers are an important basis for caring, appreciative baby care.  From the first diaper change, you will feel that the ManufakturWindel gives a new value to the daily diaper change. Both in your care relationship with your child and in your interaction with the environment.

A diaper that arouses emotions? Because it is so beautiful!

It is not enough for us that our diapers fulfil their purpose. We want aesthetic cloth diapers that bring us joy. That reflect our love for our children. That confirm to us every day that they are a wonderful proof of love for us as a family.

Rediscovering everyday family life

The contagious feeling that you get when you think about your life and your actions and then act according to your convictions is just so good that you don't want to miss it any more. Do you know it?

Be part of a circuit

We are fed up with so many products in our everyday lives being used only once and then thrown in the rubbish. It is everyone's responsibility to live a sustainable life. There is no place for disposables here! It is our mission to find ways to enrich your everyday life with reusable products. They help you to share this responsibility. Besides, they are beautiful to look at. What more could you ask for?

Full transparency - Made in Germany

With our products you make a statement for your family and yourself: Yes, I want to get out of the one-way street - but in style! And if you want it to be completely individual, we offer the possibility of having custom made, unique diapers. You choose the fabric, we make your very own dream-come-true diaper!


Manufakturwindeln are beautiful cloth diapers! Unique designs and high-quality materials combine to create enchanting diapers that make every parent's heart beat faster.



ManufakturWindeln are an ingenious cloth diaper concept! They are as easy to use as disposable diapers and are a perfect fit for modern families. Predicate: suitable for sceptics.



ManufakturWindeln are washable and extremely durable. They avoid a lot of waste, do not pollute the baby's skin with harmful substances and are much more economical.



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[Dankbarkeit]... mit diesem Wort beginnt der Instagram-Post von Josi vom Instagram-Account @halbloewenherz. Was dann kommt, hat uns so berührt, dass wir Josi angeschrieben und gefragt haben, ob wir ihre Geschichte hier teilen dürfen.

Cloth diapers are good for your baby.

With cloth diapers, unlike disposable diapers, you know what they are made of. You can decide for yourself which fibres come into contact with your baby's delicate skin. Every child has different skin needs when it comes to baby care. In addition, cloth diapering teaches your baby a natural way of dealing with his or her own hygiene. It learns to take care of itself competently through a positive approach to its body care.


Cloth diapers are good for you.

It is a great privilege to be able to swaddle your baby! You can do it with pleasure and show your love in it. Unfortunately, this only works to a limited extent with disposable diapers, but all the better with cloth diapers. You feel the value in your hands, and you are in completely different contact with your child when you are diapering. It is pure quality time. Besides, our cloth diapers are simply beautiful to look at.

Dein Baby wickeln zu dürfen, ist ein großes Privileg! Du darfst es mit Genuss tun und deine Liebe darin zeigen. Das funktioniert mit Wegwerfwindeln leider nur bedingt, mit Stoffwindeln umso besser. Du spürst die Wertigkeit in deinen Händen, und du bist beim Wickeln mit deinem Kind völlig anders im Kontakt. Es ist pure Qualitätszeit. Nebenbei sind unsere ManufakturWindeln einfach schön anzusehen.


Cloth diapers are good for the environment.

You change your child's diaper about 6,000 times. Disposable diapers end up in the rubbish after every diaper change. There is no way back, no cycle. 1.25 tonnes of waste go to your child's account. We don't think this is in keeping with the times or particularly considerate of our environment. You use cloth diapers over and over again. The resources used - even for washing - are comparatively minimal. Cloth diapers also help you to replace disposable products in the household with reusable alternatives. The step from a chemical-soaked wet wipe to a flannel, from a paper handkerchief to a cloth handkerchief, from a kitchen paper twoel to a household cloth is suddenly no longer difficult, but a matter of course.


Cloth diapers are good for your budget.

Do you know how much money you'll save if you regularly spend money on disposable diapers for three years? You literally throw between 900 and 2,100 euros into the dustbin. Then there are the costs for accessories and waste disposal fees. You can buy our diapers once for a few hundred euros. Even with the additional cleaning costs, you save money. If you take good care of them, you can use them for a second or third child and only have to pay for the washing.

Weißt du, auf welche Summe du kommst, wenn du drei Jahr lange regelmäßig Geld für Wegwerfwindeln ausgibst? Zwischen 900 und 2.100 Euro schmeißt du wortwörtlich in die Mülltonne. Hinzu kommen Kosten für Zubehör und Abfallgebühren. Unsere ManufakturWindeln kaufst du einmalig für ein paar Hundert Euro. Selbst mit den zusätzlichen Reinigungskosten sparst du insgesamt bares Geld. Bei guter Pflege verwendest du sie für ein zweites oder drittes Kind und hast nur noch die Waschkosten.


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